Rocket mishap at Roi Et festival injures 37 attendees

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A homemade rocket explosion at a traditional festival in Roi Et left 37 people injured, several of them seriously. The incident occurred yesterday, June 17, at Ban Sang Bu in Tambon Sri Sawang, Phon Thong district, during a rain-seeking rocket event.

The Bang Fai rocket, designed for traditional ceremonies to invoke rain, malfunctioned during its launch around 5pm. Initially, the rocket exploded on its launching stand, then veered off course, striking the crowd and causing a second explosion.


Rescue teams quickly transported the injured to Phonthong Hospital. Injuries included head trauma and limb damage, prompting many to be transferred to Roi Et Hospital due to the severity of their conditions. Some victims were unconscious or had suffered fractures to their limbs, ribs, or skulls.

Witnesses reported that the second explosion, when the rocket crashed into the crowd, was responsible for the majority of the injuries.

The Bang Fai rocket, traditionally used to seek rain from deities, has evolved in contemporary times to include contests where rockets made from PVC pipes are judged based on their flight duration, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, a drunken Scotsman was hit by a car after a bar brawl went wrong, The night took a dramatic turn when police officers discovered the man sprawled on the ground, his condition exacerbated by his inebriation.

Despite the best efforts of rescue workers and police to assist, the injured Scotsman grew increasingly belligerent. He resisted help, hurled abuse at his would-be rescuers, and even lashed out physically at the rescue team.

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Matcha Sirirom witnessed the harrowing event and shared her account with the police. According to Matcha, the trouble began when the foreign man exited a beer bar with a friend.

In an astonishing twist, it was the friend’s push that sent the Scotsman stumbling directly into the path of an oncoming car, leading to his injuries, reported Bangkok Post.

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