Popular Female Rapper Announces She Is Quitting The Music Industy

Popular Female Rapper Announces She Is Quitting The Music Industy

Today is indeed a sad day for all the fans of renowned Kenyan rapper Petra Bockle.

This is because she has announced that she will no longer be doing music like she used to, in all the years that she has been a public figure.


Photo: Petra Bockle

The voluptuous rapper infact disclosed that she will just release her last song soon, then she will finally leave the music industry.

According to Petra Bockle, she does not want to be associated with the music industry anymore from now onwards.

She also made it clear that she was making this decision while sober, and therefore people should not doubt it.


The voluptuous rapper was however still grateful of all the support that she had gotten from fans all over the years.

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“I Petra Bockle do not want to be associated with the music industry in any way, shape or form, I hereby disown it willingly in sound mind.

GMI by @kingpheezle feat me is the last you will ever hear from me musically. I appreciate all the love from my fans ❤️” Petra wrote.



The disclosure however elicited reactions from her followers and most were concerned about why she had to make that decision. Some wwere also disappointed.

Here are some of the reactions.




Petra Bockle the rap queen

Before Petra Bockle made the decision to quit the music industry, she was arguably among the top female rappers in the country.

Having been inspired by renowned rappers like 2Pac, Eminem, MC Lyte and Lil Kim, she has infact been in the game for about 10 years now.

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Petra made her first appearance in the song dubbed ‘Ligi Soo Remix’, which featured her alongside other Kenyan artists like King Kaka and Mejja.

Two years later Petra Bockle was featured in the hit collaboration dubbed ‘Eish’, that also included other top artists like Gabu, Ulopa, Yvonne Darq and Abbas.


In 2018 the voluptuous queen was also featured in the hit song dubbed ‘Rider’. She did the song with award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Petra Bockle was also in the ‘Khali Kartel Cypher’ that was released about a month later.

In 2020, she was again featured in a hit collaboration dubbed ‘Wanani Remix’. The song also included other top musicians like Bahati, Mejja, Odi Wa Murang’a, Benzema and Ssaru.

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