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Police hunt for gunmen in Khon Kaen university dormitory area

Image courtesy of KhaoSod

Royal Thai Police (RTP) are urgently tracking down the perpetrators who shot at a university student’s car and a nearby dormitory in Khon Kaen Municipality, causing significant damages. Fortunately, no one was harmed by the shooting in a seemingly peaceful community.

Investigators from the Khon Kaen City Police Station today, June 25, visited the scene in Mittraphap Road, to examine CCTV footage around the dormitory and along the suspected escape routes. The damaged pickup truck, which was targeted by the gunmen, remains parked on the street in front of the dormitory.

Khon Kaen City Police Station Superintendent Yosawat Kaewsubthanyanich stated that the investigation team has been dispatched to scrutinise CCTV footage at key locations, particularly around the dormitory and potential routes used by the suspects for the crime and subsequent escape.

A local, referred to as Uncle A (a pseudonym), mentioned that he did not hear any noise during the incident and was unaware of what had transpired until the morning. He noticed the car owner inspecting the vehicle but did not pay much attention, assuming the student was preparing to go to class as they were dressed in a student uniform.

“The cars parked at this dormitory usually find any available spot along the road. Students often park in front of my house, and nothing like this has ever happened before.

“There have never been any serious conflicts as the students here generally don’t engage in violent behaviour. Although the police frequently visit this dormitory, there have been no incidents until now, so I have no idea why such a shooting occurred.”

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The police investigation is ongoing, with RTP officers examining all possible leads and reviewing footage from nearby cameras. They are also interviewing residents and potential witnesses to gather more information about the suspects and their possible motives, reported KhaoSod.

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