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Police chase Thai man after sexual assault of teenage girls

Photo via Channel 7

Police are hunting for a Thai man who sexually assaulted and attempted to steal from four teenage girls on a road in the Thatakiab district in the central province of Chachoengsao at the weekend.

The suspect, identified only as Non, reportedly fled Chachoengsao for Chon Buri after committing the crimes twice on the same night of June 16.

The first two victims, aged 15 and 18, told Channel 3 they first met Non at a rocket festival near Khlong Siyat Reservoir. They recognised Non because he was dancing near them and tried to sexually assault them by touching them but they managed to escape his clutches.

The 15 year old victim recounted that she was riding home on her motorbike with her 18 year old friend around 1am when Non approached them. Non rode his motorbike close to theirs, prompting them to speed up in an attempt to get away. However, he collided with their motorbike, causing them to fall into the forest at the side of the road.

The victims managed to record a video of the incident. In the video, Non could be heard asking if he could touch the victims’ breasts, but they begged him to stop and let them go.

The teenage girls revealed that people living nearby heard their screams and came to their aid. Non immediately fled the scene in fear.

Another 16 year old victim revealed with Channel 3 that her case happened at midnight. She was travelling back home on her friend’s motorcycle. Non approached them and projected his hand to grab her friend’s breasts. Her friend sped away, but Non kicked the motorcycle, causing a crash.

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The victims stated that another motorist was passing by the scene, so Non got scared and fled the scene. Both victims were injured up to their knees and had scratches on their faces.

Non demanded money from all the victims but they refused to give it to him and were rescued by witnesses in time.

Thatakiab Police Station officers checked security cameras and saw Non stop and buy something at a local grocery store before fleeing to Chon Buri.

Non’s 60 year old mother, Prapai, claimed she had no knowledge of the crime. She insisted that her son had never exhibited such behaviour.

She suspected that Non had gone to his sister’s house in Chon Buri but had been unable to contact him. The police are now awaiting a court order to arrest Non.

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