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Phatthalung police officer suspended for 30,000 baht extortion

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A senior police officer in Phatthalung has been suspended following allegations of extorting money from a 38 year old mother, whose 16 year old son was charged with attempted murder. The officer has been ordered to take leave until the investigation is complete.

The incident began when the mother filed a complaint after her son, along with others, was arrested for shooting someone, causing injuries. The youths turned themselves in to the Phatthalung police, who charged them with attempted murder and possession of firearms. After questioning, they were sent to juvenile court and released on bail pending the outcome of the case.

Following this, the mother alleged that the investigating officer contacted her multiple times, demanding 30,000 baht for failing to supervise her son properly. The officer allegedly called her repeatedly and even visited her workplace. Under pressure, she borrowed 15,000 baht and handed it to the officer.

As the news broke, the officer returned the 15,000 baht to the mother at her workplace, placing the money on her desk and instructing her to return to the police station to provide a statement to his superiors. He reportedly told her to take the money back and come to the station when convenient.

The officer, visibly shaken by the media attention, quickly returned the money after being accused of threatening the mother with further legal action.

On the afternoon of June 24, Phatthalung Police Station Chief Jumpot Liamkaew summoned the officer, identified as Wicha, for an initial report on the incident. Wicha declined to comment on the situation to reporters, stating that he needed time to compose himself and would provide a detailed report to his superiors later.

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When questioned about the 15,000 baht returned to the mother, Wicha refused to answer, instead collecting his documents from his desk as he prepared to comply with the suspension order.

Chief Jumpot confirmed that Wicha had not provided a detailed explanation yet, stating that Wicha requested time to gather his thoughts before reporting the events.

The mother’s complaint has sparked an internal investigation, and the police department aims to ensure transparency and accountability in handling the case, reported Khaosod.

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