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Pattaya deputy mayor slams contractors with record fines

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

In response to mounting frustration over delays at the North Pattaya intersection, Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai has taken decisive action, confirming hefty penalties for the responsible contractor. The construction setbacks have caused major disruptions to residents and the local tourism scene, prompting swift measures from city officials.

Manot outlined the scope of the project, which includes resurfacing key intersections across Pattaya. Despite an extended deadline following holiday interruptions, the contractor failed to meet expectations due to what Manot described as poor management. As a consequence, fines amounting to 114,125 baht per day have been imposed from June 4 onwards, with no cap until the project’s completion.

The focus remains on expediting work at the critical North Pattaya intersection, pivotal for locals and tourists. Scheduled excavations and closures are slated from June 17 to 25, with meticulous detailing work to follow, aiming for a project completion by month-end.

Addressing concerns about future contractor reliability, Manot hinted at potential blacklisting measures to safeguard against repeat delays. While Pattaya City lacks direct contractor selection powers (handled by the Comptroller General’s Department), strict enforcement of contractual terms remains a priority.

With public frustration at an all-time high, Manot assured transparency in handling fines and pledged a comprehensive review once the project concludes, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, residents and business owners lining Sukhumvit Road in Bang Phra Subdistrict of Sri Racha are in uproar, demanding immediate action to resolve a debacle at the Bang Phra-Klong Sukreeb junction. The construction of a drainage system on Highway No. 3 has hit a standstill, plunging the area into chaos and risking the safety of locals, especially schoolchildren.

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In other news, Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet delivered an update on the ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects aimed at improving the city’s drainage systems. These initiatives, funded by the previous budget allocation, represent a concerted effort to enhance the city’s infrastructure and overall livability.

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