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Ministry seeks 1billion baht tourism budget for new routes

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports plans to request a 1 billion baht budget from the central emergency reserve fund to develop new tourism routes linking major cities to 55 notable destinations in a move to establish long-term tourism strategies.

The proposed budget aims not only to organise events but to also develop new tourism routes and enhance infrastructure. Specifically, improvements will target restrooms in the 55 prominent secondary cities.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will not request additional funds for international marketing at this time, as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) already has a dedicated budget for this purpose.

Although the government aims to boost revenue and attract more international tourists than TAT’s targets, they will fully utilise the existing allocated budget before further requesting funds.

The ministry also plans to seek Cabinet approval to extend the compensation program for foreign tourists who suffer injuries or fatalities due to accidents, crimes, or other incidents in Thailand. This program currently covers incidents occurring from January 1 to August 31, 2024, and the ministry seeks to extend it to December 31.

Over the first five months, more than 50 foreign tourists applied for compensation, with seven cases approved, including four fatalities and three injuries, amounting to approximately 4 million baht. About 45 million baht remains from the initially approved 50 million baht budget.

The ministry urges embassies to inform their tourists about travel safety practices in Thailand, particularly road safety, and the criteria for compensation. For instance, in cases of death, compensation can reach up to 1 million baht, while permanent disability or loss of sight can result in 300,000 baht in compensation and medical expenses are covered up to 500,000 baht.

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Tourists holding a passport can apply for compensation at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, provincial tourism and sports offices or assistance centres nationwide.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Arun Boonchai noted that the development of tourism routes linking major cities to 55 notable destinations is part of the ministry’s short-term plan for this year.

The long-term plan, Ignite Tourism Thailand, includes five key aspects: providing a good experience at every step, highlighting five must-do activities in Thailand, integrating major and notable cities, establishing Thailand as the Hub of Asia, and positioning it as a World-Class Event Hub.

Departments responsible for these initiatives have been tasked with their implementation, and there will be collaborative efforts with other ministries, reported KhaoSod.

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