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Man turns himself in after fatal family feud shooting in Phatthalung

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A 43 year old Thai man fatally shot his brother in law at his home in Phatthalung province yesterday. The perpetrator turned himself in to the authorities, while his wife attempted to delete CCTV footage of the crime.

Phatthalung Police were alerted to a fatal shooting at a residence in the 11th precinct of Khok Sai district at 9.40pm yesterday. Deputy Investigator Wiroj Prapri, alongside Police Colonel Nattaphon Boonsanit and investigative officers, arrived at the scene to find Jesda Ngamkham’s body with six gunshot wounds from a .38 calibre weapon to his torso and head. Nearby, five bullet casings were recovered as evidence.

The 42 year old victim and the suspect, Kritphak Pisdookij, who resided near each other, had a history of long-standing conflicts. Their animosity erupted in a violent confrontation earlier in the day, which escalated to a fatal shooting. Following the crime, Kritphak surrendered to Phatthalung Police Station with the .38 calibre gun used in the shooting.

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The victim’s 14 year old daughter recounted the terrifying moment when a neighbour came to borrow something, and as her father opened the door to retrieve the item, Kritphak entered and shot him in front of her, reported KhaoSod.

Meanwhile, as police investigated the crime scene, Kritphak’s wife attempted to erase the CCTV footage from the incident. Officers were able to secure the camera and restore the deleted footage for further examination.

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In related news, police are searching for the gunman who shot dead a 10 year old girl on a palm plantation in the southern province of Krabi. The girl’s family believes the shooting was motivated by a dispute over land concessions.

In other news, a fatal shooting incident took a grim turn in Yala when a security volunteer was brutally assassinated while he was reading the Quran at his father’s grave. The 43 year old victim was a ranger volunteer who received a fatal headshot at a Muslim graveyard situated in Tambon Than To of Yala’s Than To district.

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