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Kenyans hijack Apostle Joshua Selman’s YouTube sermon to protest Finance Bill 2024

A section of Kenyans on Sunday night June 23, 2024, hijacked Apostle Joshua Selman’s live broadcast on YouTube to demand the rejection of the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

The Nigerian televangelist usually streams his Sunday sermons on his YouTube channel ‘Koinonia Global’ which is followed by tens of thousands across the world.

During his Sunday sermon, which had around 50,000 viewers, some Kenyans used the live commentary section to voice their opposition to the Finance Bill 2024.

Comments such as “#REJECTFINANCEBILL2024” were posted repeatedly, reflecting the widespread discontent among Kenyan citizens.

Global attention on Finance Bill protests

The protests against the Finance Bill have gained international attention.

Major media outlets like CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera have covered the demonstrations, and several global figures have voiced their opinions on the matter.

Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine, recently expressed his support for the anti-Finance Bill protests in Kenya.

In a statement on his official social media page, Bobi Wine praised Kenyan youths for exercising their democratic rights by taking to the streets.

Bobi Wine stated that the voices of the demonstrators are being heard beyond Kenyan borders.

“Power to you, the young people of Kenya. You are speaking up, and your voices are being heard far beyond the Kenyan borders,” Bobi Wine stated, acknowledging the impact of the protests beyond Kenya.

Growing momentum for change

The protests against the Finance Bill 2024 have sparked a significant movement within Kenya, drawing attention from both local and international communities.

As Kenyans continue to voice their discontent, the pressure on the government to address their concerns grows stronger.

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The disruption of Apostle Joshua Selman’s broadcast highlights the lengths to which Kenyans are willing to go to ensure their voices are heard.

With support from influential figures like Bobi Wine, the momentum for change appears to be gaining ground, signalling a critical juncture in Kenya’s political landscape.

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