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Interior Minister promotes sustainable income project in Lamphun

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The Deputy Interior Minister visited Lamphun to inaugurate the Sustainable Community Income Development Project and encourage provincial development officers. The event took place today, June 13, at the Ministry of Interior Market Organisation’s Lamphun branch (Central Tunnel Market).

Minister Kriang Kalptinan emphasised the significance of the project, stating its primary objective is to develop, promote, and support marketing channels. This initiative aims to enhance occupational skills based on the local expertise and resources of Lamphun’s market, thereby generating sustainable income for the community.

The Ministry of Interior Market Organisation, in collaboration with public and private sector partners, is committed to developing and promoting marketing channels. The project adheres to the 6G standard Go Green Market, which includes Green Product, Green Price, Green Press, Green Process, Green Power, and Green Partnership, in line with government policies.

Kriang explained that the event focuses on campaigning to reduce and eliminate the use of foam food containers, part of a wider effort to reduce waste from markets.

The Market Organisation also promotes and supports the distribution of surplus goods from various provinces by coordinating with public and private network partners to ensure thorough and swift distribution. Additionally, the organisation aims to enhance occupational skills based on local expertise and resources at Lamphun’s market branch, fostering sustainable community income.

Kriang offered words of encouragement to development officers and officials, emphasising the importance of understanding and fully engaging with the local populace in accordance with government and Ministry of Interior policies.

He expressed his support for everyone involved in driving community development missions entrusted by the Ministry of Interior and achieving government goals with dedication and determination. The overarching aim is to establish a stronger, sustainable, and better quality of life for the community.

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By promoting these sustainable practices and marketing strategies, the project aims to create a resilient economic foundation for Lamphun’s community. The initiative not only addresses immediate economic needs but also aligns with broader environmental goals ensuring long-term benefits for both the local community and the environment, reported KhaoSod.

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