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Fishy finale: Prachin Buri seafood restaurant closes due to rising costs

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The renowned seafood restaurant Soot Tiew Na Prachin Buri announced its closure due to rising costs, increased transportation expenses, and declining revenue.

The restaurant’s last day of operation is this Sunday, June 16, and the owner is open to transferring the business to interested parties.

The owner, Pak Kad, shared the news on Facebook today.

“Hello, this is Pak Kad, the owner of Soot Tiew Na Prachin Buri. It is with great sadness and regret that we must announce the official closure of our restaurant on June 16. If anyone is interested in taking over the business, please contact us via inbox.”

Despite the closure, Pak Kad reassured customers that another branch, Ruea Tae Hoi Seafood, is still operational in Bangkok on Lat Phrao 107. She encouraged loyal patrons to visit the remaining branch.

Pak Kad explained that the primary reasons for the closure include the escalating costs of seafood and transportation, which have made it impossible to maintain current pricing for customers. Additionally, the physical environment of the first branch, including parking issues, and increased operational costs have contributed to the decision.

“The past few years, I devoted more time to the second branch, which has caused the first branch to decline noticeably. Managing both branches alone has been challenging, and numerous factors have led to the inability to continue.”

The main challenges cited were the rising costs of seafood and transportation. The restaurant struggled to increase prices further without affecting customer satisfaction. Other issues included the restaurant’s location and the operational environment. Increased expenses, such as electricity for air conditioning and refrigerators, and high labour costs due to the buffet-style service, added to the burden.

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“It’s a buffet-style restaurant where we prepare everything for the customers: grilling, cooking fresh dishes, and serving without adding a service charge. This has created a heavy burden on us. These small factors combined have led to the gradual decline of the restaurant. We are deeply saddened and regretful to have to close after six to seven years of operation. This year has been especially tough.”

The owner expressed gratitude to all customers who have supported the restaurant over the years and urged them to continue their patronage at the other branch, reported KhaoSod.

“We deeply appreciate all our customers for their continued support. Please visit our other branch.”

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