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Fishy business: Neighbour caught stealing prawns in Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A local fishpond owner faced significant distress after a series of thefts targeting her prawn traps over two consecutive days. When the thief returned on the third day, she was ready with a plan to catch him. Shockingly, the culprit turned out to be her neighbour, who claimed desperation led him to steal.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Wiroj Tethong and a patrol team from the Bang Pakong Police Station in Chachoengsao Province investigated the theft at Sor Nuan Fishpond, located at 68/1 Moo 7, Song Khlong Sub-district, Bang Pakong District.

Upon arrival, they found Jinyapat Jaruwatchakornchai, the 47 year old pond owner, and her relatives detaining 61 years old Mun Phutsri. Mun was caught wearing nothing but white underwear and sitting by the pond’s edge.

Jinyapat explained that her prawn traps, known as Ai Ngo, had been stolen from her 18-rai (approximately 28,800 square metres) fishpond over the past two days. Each day, one set of traps was taken, resulting in the loss of several kilogrammes of prawns. Suspecting the thief would return, she devised a plan with her family to catch the perpetrator in the act.

At around 4.30am, Mun, dressed only in his underwear, was seen walking along the adjacent pond’s edge. He then crossed a small canal and entered Jinyapat’s property, heading straight for the pond where the prawn traps were set.

As soon as he reached the traps, Jinyapat and her relatives, who had been hiding nearby, revealed themselves and apprehended him. To her astonishment, the thief was Mun, her neighbour, who raises fish in the adjacent area, reported KhaoSod.

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Initially, Mun refused to speak but eventually admitted to stealing the traps and prawns over the past two days. He confessed that he resorted to theft due to his lack of food. Further investigation revealed that Mun had sold some of the stolen prawns to buy alcohol and cover other expenses. The police promptly took Mun into custody to face legal proceedings.

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