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Eel-lustrious luck: Rare albino eel brings lottery fortune in Udon Thani

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A rare albino eel caught in Ban Dung, Udon Thani, has now brought lottery luck to its owner for three consecutive draws. The unique white eel was initially discovered by villagers from Santi Suk who were out fishing.

Residents had gathered at house number 18, located at a three-way junction leading to the famous Kamchanod, the land of the mythical serpent deities Pu Sri Sutho and Ya Prathuma. The albino eel, distinct with its pure white colour, was kept in a tank by its owner. Unlike the usual golden-yellow eels, this particular one stood out due to its strikingly white appearance.

Measuring approximately 56 centimetres in length, the eel is female, plump, and surprisingly tame. Lottery enthusiasts, drawn by the eel’s supposed mystical properties, have been observing it closely. They claimed to see the prominent number 392 on incense sticks lit near the eel, prompting them to purchase lottery tickets in advance to avoid missing out.

Viphawan Laopon, who is fondly called Nong Aom, recounted the events leading up to the discovery of the eel. Before acquiring the eel, she had prayed to local spirits for good fortune in the upcoming lottery draw, promising to offer traditional Thai desserts as a vow if her wish was granted.

Upon winning the lottery, she had yet to fulfil her promise. That night, she dreamt of a spirit asking for the desserts she had promised. The following morning, she promptly offered the desserts as a token of gratitude.

Viphawan’s husband went fishing later that day and returned with several eels, including the rare albino one. Believing the eel to be a harbinger of good luck, they decided to keep it rather than cook or sell it. Since then, Viphawan has prayed for luck before each lottery draw, and remarkably, she has won three times in a row. She noted that before each draw, numbers appear in red on the eel’s neck, reported KhaoSod.

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Despite lucrative offers from people wanting to buy the eel for worship, the woman has refused to sell it, convinced that the eel has brought her luck and intends to keep it until it dies naturally.

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