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Dead man’s spirit leads Thai couple to his body in Udon Thani

Photo via Matichon

A Thai couple believe the spirit of a dead man led them to the discovery of his body at an abandoned plot of land in the Isaan province of Udon Thani today.

The 30 year old Thai woman, Areya Saengchart, and her husband, 57 year old Anumart Kajornkundate, stumbled upon the lifeless body of a 39 year old Thai man named Damrong Phetsangharn at about 11am today, June 21, while they were collecting firewood in the abandoned land and reported the discovery to Mueang Udon Thani Police Station.

Officers investigated the death and suspected that Damrong died more than four weeks before his discovery. Damrong was wearing a red long-sleeved T-shirt with a dark blue stripe, jeans, and flipflops.

A part of his scalp with hair was found 1 metre away from his body. Police suspected that stray dogs or other animals might have chewed on his body.

In a backpack found nearby, officers discovered the deceased’s identification card, a hammer, a knife, two lighters, and his clothes. The ID card allowed police to identify him and contact his relatives to notify them of the distressing news.

Areya told Matichon that she and her husband believed that Damrong’s soul intended to let them find his body. Before they came to the spot, Anumart dreamt about a large snake whose whole body was decomposed. She also noticed a suspicious shadow, similar to the deceased, moving past her before the discovery.

A local living near the scene, 45 year old Sombat Dunlayawatbanrung, also recounted a spooky encounter with the media, saying he heard stray dogs barking and howling suspiciously the night before the discovery. He believed that the animals must have seen Damrong’s spirit.

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Damrong’s friend, 37 year old Khomsan Somsena, revealed that he could not recognise his friend when looking at the lifeless body because it had begun to decompose. However, he remembered him after seeing his ID card presented by the police.

According to Khomsan, he met Damrong in prison and knew that Damrong once lived in the area. However, he had never met Damrong again after he was released from jail until his body was found.

Police officers were still unable to identify the cause of his death but confirmed that there were no traces of assault or fight at the scene. Officers coordinated with a rescue team to transfer the body to Udon Thani Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

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