Couple escape police custody, arrested after dramatic manhunt

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A couple involved in a theft case managed to escape from a police station, crossing provincial borders and disguising themselves to evade capture. The husband, driven by sympathy for his wife and their child, orchestrated the breakout.

Suspected of theft, 20 year old Naranya was picked up near Sattahip Police Station by a man identified as 36 year old Arthit, who drove a black-and-red Honda motorcycle. Arthit, described as having blonde hair and a short beard, wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt and black shorts.


They escaped with Naranya facing additional charges of fraud under false pretences in two other outstanding warrants from the Pak Khlong San police station.

Pattaya Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant for Naranya for theft, while Arthit’s history with drug-related offences in Sattahip and Najomtien surfaced during the investigation. As police prepared to gather more evidence and issue a summons, they planned to request an arrest warrant if the couple did not report to investigators.

Yesterday, June 24, police reported that at 10.10pm, the Sattahip Police Chief, Thanapol Klin Kaesorn led an investigative team in collaboration with Chon Buri’s provincial investigators. They devised a plan involving Naranya’s father, who arranged a meeting with her outside a convenience store in Ban Chang, Rayong.

When the suspect, Naranya arrived on her motorcycle, officers promptly arrested her. They then proceeded to a rental room in Ban Chang, Chon Buri, where they found Arthit hiding with a male friend.

Hiding away

The police detained both men for questioning and drug testing, investigating their involvement in aiding Naranya’s escape. If found complicit, all parties would face legal action for assisting in her evasion.

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Arthit confessed during the investigation that he did not want his child to grow up without a mother.

“I pitied her and didn’t want her to be caught. We initially escaped into the forest and mountains, and a relative contacted me, promising that if I brought my girlfriend in, I would be allowed to spend time with my child.”

Arthit further explained that he dyed his hair black to avoid detection, hoping to mislead the authorities.

“The police assured me they wouldn’t prosecute me if I helped surrender her. I thought about it and, believing they would help, decided to consult with them. After the incident, I dyed my hair black to avoid standing out and trick the officers.”

The police continue to investigate the situation, ensuring that all involved parties face appropriate legal consequences, reported KhaoSod.

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