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Chilling tragedy: Ice delivery truck crash in Ratchaburi kills three

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

An ice delivery truck overturned and collided with a streetlight in Ratchaburi province, resulting in the deaths of three people. Police suspect that the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Surveillance footage confirmed that no other vehicles were involved.

Ritthipol Phonsen, an investigative officer at Thung Luang Police Station in Ratchaburi province, received a report of a six-wheeled ice delivery truck overturning and causing the fatalities of three people. The accident took place near the curve in front of Thung Luang Temple, Moo 2, Thung Luang Subdistrict.

The incident was promptly reported to Naruedom Marasri, Deputy Commander of Ratchaburi Provincial Police, Nakhon Sriwilai, the district chief of Pak Tho, and Kobchok Lektrakool, the chief of Thung Luang Police Station. They, along with a doctor from Pak Tho Hospital and rescue personnel from the Pathom Boromrajanusorn Ratchaburi Foundation, rushed to the scene to investigate.

A white Hino six-wheeled truck was found overturned on its side by the roadside, severely damaged. Inside the wreckage, the bodies of two men were discovered. They were identified as 39 year old Khomsan Kaewpuangmane, the driver, and 20 year old Lin Ni Thui, a Myanmar national.

Another male body, also a Myanmar national, was found, but he remains unidentified. Nearby, a streetlight was observed to have been struck and severed from its base.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the three deceased individuals were transporting ice from an ice factory in Huai Phai Subdistrict, Mueang District, to various stores in Thung Luang Subdistrict. It is suspected that as the truck approached the curve where the accident occurred, the driver may have dozed off, causing the vehicle to lose control and overturn. The truck then skidded into the streetlight, leading to the instant death of the driver and his two assistants.

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Police reviewed nearby surveillance footage and confirmed that no other vehicles were involved in the accident. The footage provided clear evidence that the truck had overturned on its own, ruling out the possibility of another party being at fault, reported KhaoSod.

“The truck was on its regular delivery route when the accident happened. Given the circumstances, it appears the driver might have been fatigued, which led to this unfortunate event.”

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