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Century-old heritage house on sale for 45 million baht in Bangkok

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

An almost century-old two-storey heritage house on the banks of the Chao Phraya River has sparked interest online after being listed for sale at 45 million baht.

The property, boasting a land area of 200 square wahs (800 square metres), has been praised for its robust structure, despite showing signs of age. It was revealed today by a Facebook user, PimAraya Tew, in a group dedicated to the sale of luxury homes and mansions.

The venerable residence stands opposite the Queen’s School in the Sam Sen area, a once bustling location favoured for its proximity to the river. Descendants of the original owners recall a time when the area was a popular retreat.

They suggest that with renovation, the property has the potential to be transformed into an attractive venue, such as a café reminiscent of the fairytale Gingerbread House, situated near the Giant Swing, adding to the area’s charm.

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The property includes ample parking space, accommodating up to ten cars, and is conveniently located just 50 metres into the alleyway from the main thoroughfare. With a price tag of 45 million baht, the owners are looking for a genuine buyer who will breathe new life into the home. They also highlight a future perk: by 2027, the house will benefit from the proximity to an MRT line, adding to its value and accessibility.

This sale offers a unique opportunity for conservation enthusiasts to own a piece of history and preserve an architectural gem that stands as a testament to the area’s rich past. The potential for revitalising the space while maintaining its historical integrity could attract investors interested in cultural preservation and entrepreneurs looking to create a distinctive business venue.

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The sale announcement has gathered significant attention on social media, sparking discussions about the importance of preserving cultural heritage in rapidly urbanising cities. It also raises questions about the valuation of such properties and the challenges faced in maintaining and upgrading them to meet modern standards without compromising their historical character, reported KhaoSod.

The future MRT line is anticipated to enhance the area’s appeal and increase its economic potential, providing an additional incentive for potential buyers. The house, with its deep roots and stately presence, awaits a new chapter that will honour its near-100-year legacy while adapting to the evolving urban tapestry of Bangkok.

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