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Caught on cam: Teens blaze through vandalism at cannabis shop

CCTV cameras captured a group of teenagers vandalising the Stoner Area cannabis shop in front of the Bang Saray Night Market in Sattahip. The incidents unfolded over several days, culminating in a brazen attack in the early hours of June 11.

Approximately three days earlier, the same group of teenagers arrived at the shop armed with baseball bats, threatening staff from a distance but causing no damage. Shop owner 29 year old Sakda Niamphai chose not to file a report at the time, deeming the incident non-threatening.

However, tensions escalated dramatically during the latest incident, when CCTV footage recorded two helmeted men storming the shop at around 1am, leaving behind a machete and an unopened soda bottle after causing significant damage. Sakda and his friends, present during the attack, attempted to chase the assailants but were thwarted by what they described as gunshot-like sounds.

Describing the terrifying ordeal, Sakda recounted the attackers wielding a machete and hurling a soda bottle into the shop before fleeing on a motorcycle.

“We were in shock and gave chase, but we heard what sounded like gunfire.”

Expressing his dismay, Sakda stated he has no known disputes and is baffled by the motive behind the attacks. Urging swift police action, he called for the culprits to be apprehended promptly.

Local authorities are now reviewing the CCTV footage and are determined to locate the teenagers involved for questioning and potential legal proceedings, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, Pattaya City’s cherished landmark, the PATTAYA CITY sign at Bali Hai Pier, has been defaced, leaving the community reeling.

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The iconic sign, once a proud emblem of Pattaya’s vibrant identity, now stands marred by thoughtless spray paint, a glaring symbol of disrespect. This landmark, adored by locals and tourists, represents more than just a name; it embodies the spirit and allure of Pattaya.



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