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Beach vendor arrested in Pattaya for illegal alcohol sales

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

Police in Pattaya have arrested a beach vendor for illegally selling alcoholic beverages and resisting officials. The arrest took place in the early hours yesterday, June 14, at Pattaya Beach, following a prior incident where city officials tried to apprehend vendors violating regulations by selling alcohol and renting out beach equipment without proper licences.

The incident began at 2.36am, when officials encountered a vendor, described as a thin man between 40 to 45 years old, who aggressively resisted arrest. The man attempted to retrieve confiscated items from the officers, causing alarm among tourists present at the scene. This incident prompted Banglamung District Chief Weekit Manarojkit to take further action.

Chief Manarojkit instructed his deputy to go undercover as a tourist to gather evidence on the vendor’s activities. The deputy confirmed that the vendor was indeed selling alcohol and renting out chairs and umbrellas without a licence. Following this, authorities moved in to make the arrest.

During the search, officials discovered drug paraphernalia on the vendor, although no illegal drugs were found. The suspect, whose name has not been released, admitted to using illegal substances and expressed regret for his previous aggressive behaviour, attributing it to intoxication at the time. He has agreed to cooperate with the ongoing legal processes.

“I was intoxicated and did not realise the consequences of my actions. I deeply regret my behaviour and will cooperate with the police.”

In addition to the primary suspect, several other vendors were also arrested this morning for illegally renting out chairs to tourists. The authorities have charged the hostile vendor with selling alcohol without a licence, selling alcohol outside permitted hours, and possessing narcotics on his person, reported Pattaya News.

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“We are committed to ensuring that all vendors comply with the regulations to maintain a safe and orderly environment for tourists and residents.”

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