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6ix9ine’s Chaotic Prison Arrival Was Surrounded By Fans & Reporters: Watch

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6ix9ine’s arrest in the Dominican Republic for alleged assault on Friday (October 13) shocked the hip-hop world. Well, maybe shock is a strong word considering his usual antics and past legal troubles, but they are nonetheless pretty heavy accusations. Moreover, some video clips emerged of the rapper being escorted into the prison facility on the island, and it looks absolutely chaotic. Fans screamed and tried to get past the jail’s gates, and there were various reporters, news outlets, cameras, and more trying to get some good coverage of it. Overall, it was quite the bombastic and larger-than-life scene, even if its main subject is not in the public’s best graces right now.

Furthermore, for those unaware, 6ix9ine stands accused of assaulting two local record producers who were working with his partner, Yailin La Más Viral. Dominican artist Diamond La Mafia claimed that they were recording a song, and then Tekashi went with his entourage and attacked Diamond’s colleagues. According to the Caribbean nation’s news outlet Diario Libre, authorities nabbed the New York MC into custody when he tried to leave the country on a private jet after the supposed brawl, which allegedly resulted in a broken jaw. While a lot of this story is still unclear, the pieces are slowly starting to come together.

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6ix9ine’s Arrest Prompts Wild Scene Outside Jail: Watch

“He grabbed both of my producers,” Diamond La Mafia remarked about the alleged 6ix9ine brawl [these remarks are translated via Google Translate from an Instagram Live clip. “I had just left the studio, Yailin had just left. I was [telling her] I was in Miami and, suddenly, he showed up at the studio in La Vega and disrupted my producers. Through no fault of their own, without knowing them.”

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“I was coming down and they were asking where Yailin is,” an alleged victim added. “I told them that she had left and they said to open the studio for them and I opened it for them. At once, they entered us. They hit me more than I even know about.” For more news and the latest updates on 6ix9ine, log back into HNHH.

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