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2Pac Has Street Named After Him In Oakland

Oakland has renamed MacArthur Boulevard to Tupac Shakur Way in honor of the late rapper. The new signs were unveiled on Friday and commemorate the rapper amidst a period of heightened attention as a man goes on trial for his murder. The street, located between Van Buren and Grand Avenue, was formerly named for General Douglas MacArthur. The Oakland City Council initially voted to make the name change back in May of this year.

Tupac had a conflicted history with the California city. In 1991, Pac sued the police department for police brutality. Pac was allegedly thrown to the ground and choked by two officers after being stopped for jaywalking. In response, Pac filed a lawsuit for $10 million. However, the case was eventually settled for $43,000. Furthermore, this incident was later revealed to be the trigger for Pac’s auto-immune alopecia. This led to 2Pac shaving his head for the rest of his life to combat the hair loss.

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2Pac And Biggie Mugshots Hit Auction Block

In other Pac news, Never-before-seen mugshots of 2Pac and Biggie will be sold at auction next month. The incredibly rare images. along with pristine footage of Biggie’s final concert, are being sold by GottaHaveRockAndRoll. The footage, from the Sting Festival in Jamaica, is said to be clear and beyond any similar footage circulating online. Furthermore, the seller says that the buyer will own the copyright to the footage. Additionally, they will also receive a copy of Biggie’s festival agreement with Sting.

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The festival footage is expected to sell for anywhere between one and two million dollars. Meanwhile, the mugshot polaroids are each expected to fetch as much as $40K. Biggie’s mugshot also comes with a thank you note that the rapper wrote in jail. The auction is set to run from October 25 to November 10. This concides with the ongoing murder trial of Duane “Keefe D” Davis, whose trial is expected to begin later this month. Davis is being tried for his role in 2Pac’s murder.

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