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‘Shame on you’: Internet reacts to Nagarjuna’s viral airport video, demands explanation from Dhanush

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Today, we dive into ‘Shame on you’: Internet reacts to Nagarjuna’s viral airport video, demands explanation from Dhanush, a topic that’s sure to captivate your interest and keep you entertained. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just looking for something new to explore, we promises to deliver all the thrills and spills about ‘Shame on you’: Internet reacts to Nagarjuna’s viral airport video, demands explanation from Dhanush.

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Veteran Telugu actor Nagarjuna finds himself in the midst of a brewing controversy following a recent video of his airport arrival going viral on the internet. For context, Nagarjuna, followed by Dhanush, can be seen making his way through the crowded airport surrounded by security personnel. It was in the midst of this commotion that one handicapped fan attempted to approach the veteran actor but was rather aggressively pushed away by a bodyguard. Though the bodyguard did stop back for a split second to try and help the fan up, the video still makes for a tough watch. This is how the internet is reacting.

Nagarjuna finds himself in the line of fire as his security personnel ends up manhandling fan The internet is not convinced with Nagarjuna’s apology

Incidentally, since the video has gone viral on the internet Nagarjuna has reacted to the same extending his apology also promising to take measures to ensure that something like this does not happen again. However, much of the internet believes Nagarjuna’s apology to be a damage control tactic, instead accusing him of staying mum even as the incident unfolded right in front of him.

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An X user commented, “You were literally there… you are acting as if you were sleep walking and didn’t notice. Go back to the airport and apologise to the fan who was humiliated, not on social media 🤡” Another added, “The normal man just came for one selfie and he was pushed out so badly… We respect you so much but stars are a star because of fans, and now you apologize saying you didn’t notice, but the incident was not so smooth and silent. It’s easy to say I didn’t notice!!!”. A third X user chimed in, “You are lying. You saw what happened”.

Sympathising with the disrespected fan, another user added, “That poor chap was a handicap. Had you felt sorry, you would have stopped right then and there and apologised. This is so bad”. As a matter of fact, this video of Nagarjuna also appears to have significantly altered the actor’s goodwill among his fans. A comment echoing this sentiment read, “I don’t understand this. All there life they want recognition. They pay thr PR guys. Do absurd things . N wen a common man approaches them , they behave as if he was non existent. I had a different impression of nagarjuna. Very sad to see this side of him”.

While much of the internet currently appears to be up in arms against Nagarjuna, some compassionate fans are taking cognisance of the fact that it was not the actor but his bodyguard who is the actual aggressor in this situation. Some comments expressing this read: “Maybe you should train your security guards on how to deal with your fans, and you should meet him personally and take a selfie and apologize to him!” and “This is sad ,Nagarjuna is a fine human being. Should hire some good staff. This is not acceptable response from the security person. We are condemning this incident. Nag, could have responded at the location immediately”.

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The internet wants Dhanush to react

While Nagarjuna is directly in the line of fire for the incident that transpired, Dhanush does not get a free pass. Though not at the forefront of the video, most find it a little hard to believe how the Raayan actor, despite walking just a few steps behind Nagarjuna, did not see what happened. An X user commented, “Also none will call out @dhanushkraja ? He saw everything”. Another comment read, “You just can’t say you didn’t notice that. Even Mr. @dhanushkraja noticed it at that time. We all know that actors from the South are very humble and down to earth, and that’s why your fans treat you like a god, but if anyone treats your fans like this, then it’s really pathetic. Don’t do anything just for the media; show your real skin”. Dhanush is yet to officially react to the situation.

Who do you think is at fault here?


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