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Wild road rage accident is caught on camera – so who do you think is at fault?

A P-plate driver has collided with two trucks traveling at more than 100km/h after spiraling out of control on one of Queensland’s busiest highways.

Drivers heading north on the Bruce Highway came to a standstill after the young driver hit two trucks and narrowly avoided hitting another car.

Footage of the crash shows a silver Mazda 3 with red P plates swerving into the middle lane and crashing into the front of the first truck.

Moments earlier, the hatchback was captured driving close behind a silver Subaru, with the front driver slamming on the brakes several times.

“Road rage and brake checking led to a serious accident this afternoon,” read the caption of the video on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, our truck got stuck in the middle and one of the parties involved hit our truck.”

In dashcam footage shared online, the Subaru was seen driving in the inside lane with the Mazda close behind, before the driver suddenly braked.

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The two continued driving for a while before the Subaru accelerated, allowing the Mazda driver to change lanes before braking abruptly.

The incident, between a silver Subaru Outback station wagon and a silver Mazda 3 hatchback, was captured on a nearby truck company’s dashcam on Wednesday.

After the Mazda swerved to avoid the vehicle, it lost control, swerved into the center lane and collided with the first truck.

The Mazda then bounced into the left lane and collided with the second truck before hitting the barricade next to the inside lane.

The driver of the Subaru left the scene after the damaged Mazda came to a stop with pieces of the hood scattered across the highway.

Police said the Mazda driver, a 20-year-old man from Sunrise Beach, was uninjured.

The Australians were divided over which driver was responsible.

‘Both drivers must hand in their driver’s license! Great images that show how stupid choices affect innocent people!’ wrote one person.

Another added: ‘Brake controller is therefore in serious trouble with the police… it may be illegal to reach the tailgate, but the deliberate actions of the front driver caused two serious events, the latter of which led to a life-threatening accident .’

“Checking your brakes and driving too close to the vehicle in front are both stupid things to do,” agreed a third.

A fourth stated: ‘Who cares how close someone is… don’t slow down during the checking period!’

Others said the impatience of the Mazda driver, who was still sitting on his P-plates, was the cause.

‘Mazda could have simply reversed and driven behind the truck after the initial check, but not acted like a complete idiot and caused a serious accident,’ said one user.

A second added: ‘Subie overtook at almost 70mph and the Mazda was still acting like it was his shadow.’

“It appears the Subaru changed lanes to let the angry Mazda pass… but hesitated as the Mazda tried to drive past,” a third said.

The police are calling on anyone who has images of the incident to come forward.



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