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Some truths about Shireen Abu Akleh’s murder

Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered.

She was not “killed”. She was murdered.

She was shot in the face. Not within the arm or a leg. In the face. That just isn’t a “kill” shot. That is a murder shot.

Abu Akleh was shot within the face, on objective, whereas doing what she has been doing since 1997 for Al Jazeera: telling the reality.

She was murdered for telling, but once more, the reality about how Israel has corralled, bludgeoned, “raided”, evicted, jailed, traumatised, tortured, murdered, and terrorised Palestinian after Palestinian, day after day, week after week, month after month, 12 months after 12 months, decade after decade.

Abu Akleh did her job properly. She did it with grace, endurance and resilience regardless of the indignities, horrors and risks. It was her obligation, obligation, and duty to bear witness.

Every day, Palestinians danger being murdered as a result of they’re Palestinian.

It doesn’t matter the place they reside – in Gaza, Jerusalem or the West Bank – on daily basis, Palestinians danger being murdered as a result of they’re Palestinian.

It doesn’t matter what they do for a dwelling – if they will discover work in any respect – on daily basis, Palestinians danger being murdered as a result of they’re Palestinian.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re younger or outdated, a person or a lady, Muslim or Christian – on daily basis, Palestinians danger being murdered as a result of they’re Palestinian.

As it occurs, Abu Akleh, a 51-year-old Palestinian, was in Jenin yesterday morning when she was murdered.

She was there to do her job: reporting on how extra Israeli troopers had been “raiding” – a euphemism for terrorising – extra Palestinians.

She was sporting a helmet and physique armour marked “Press”.

She was standing at a roundabout with different Palestinian journalists when she was shot within the face. An Al Jazeera producer, who survived, was shot within the again.

Abu Akleh’s physique lay on the facet of a street, subsequent to a wall. Her colleagues screamed for assist as they pulled her away from a sniper’s crosshairs. Later, an ambulance arrived. She died in hospital. Alone.

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Another day, one other murdered Palestinian.

But, in contrast to so many other murdered Palestinians, together with four boys who had been dismembered by an Israeli missile whereas enjoying soccer on a seashore, Abu Akleh was well-known. She was on TV. She was standard. She was admired and revered as a result of she instructed the reality about the cruelty Palestinians endure and endure on daily basis.

So, her murder, in contrast to the murders of so many different Palestinians made information in Europe and North America.

I doubt her murder would have made a lot information in Europe and North America save for one inconvenient truth: Abu Akleh was additionally an American.

I doubt her assassin knew she was an American once they shot her, on objective, within the face. Now they know. Damn. That meant highly effective folks and establishments who usually don’t give a rattling when Palestinians are murdered needed to say one thing since Abu Akleh was an American.

I don’t keep in mind the US ambassadors to Israel or the United Nations, the State Department or the White House acknowledging, not to mention condemning, any one in every of the slayings, since 2000, of 46 Palestinian journalists or saying something about the 144 Palestinian journalists who’ve, since 2018, been shot with rubber or metal bullets, tear-gassed or had stun grenades fired at them.

Do you?

Of course not. They weren’t American. That meant they had been nobodies. Inconsequential. Forgettable. Worse, they had been Palestinians. They had been nothing. Probably instruments of Hamas. Anyway, like each different Palestinian dwelling, working and going to high school on daily basis in imprisoned Palestine, these make-believe Palestinian journalists requested for it and so they bought it – good.

Nothing to see right here. Move on.

This time, some US politicians and diplomats stated they had been “very sad” that Abu Akleh had been shot within the face. They stated that there wanted to be a “thorough investigation” into who, exactly, shot Abu Akleh within the face.

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Blah. Blah. Blah.

They needed to say it. They didn’t imply it. But they needed to say it. Otherwise, it’d appear like they didn’t give a rattling {that a} celebrated American journalist had been shot within the face by – a number of witnesses say – an Israeli sniper.

Come on, you and I do know that they don’t actually give a rattling. Abu Akleh could have carried an American passport, however she was not an actual American or perhaps a actual journalist just like the late Daniel Pearl. He labored for the Wall Street Journal. He mattered. The method of his murder mattered.

Abu Akleh was a Palestinian. She labored for Al Jazeera. You and I do know that almost all American politicians and media agree with Donald Rumsfeld who as soon as stated that Al Jazeera’s reporting is “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable”.

The US politicians and diplomats pretending to care about Abu Akleh’s murder may have instructed America’s dearest good friend and shopper state within the Middle East a very long time in the past to cease taking pictures and murdering journalists and blowing up buildings the place they work.

They haven’t and they won’t.

Instead, they do what they at all times do when Israel murders Palestinians – American or not. Nothing.

Israel is obliged to play alongside to alleviate the phantom stress.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett performed his half within the pantomime. On cue, he muddied the bloody waters by trotting out the drained and absurd line that the “most moral army in the world” doesn’t murder Palestinians on objective.

Abu Akleh’s “unfortunate death,” he prompt on Twitter, was a case of Palestinian on Palestinian violence.

“According to the data, we currently have, there is a considerable chance that armed Palestinians, who fired wildly, are what led to the unfortunate death of the journalist,” Israel’s international ministry tweeted on his behalf.

Most American politicians – Republicans and Democrats – and far of the institution media will imagine Bennett. He is Israel’s prime minister. Israeli prime ministers by no means lie. They, in contrast to Hamas, inform the reality. Always. They are America’s pal. Trusted. America by no means doubts the phrase of its Israeli buddies.

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America doesn’t have to see, not to mention query, Bennett’s so-called “data”. If the Israeli prime minister says he has it, then, there’s a “considerable chance” that’s what occurred. That is nice sufficient for America and the chattering class.

Doubt sown. Mission achieved. Quick, again to Ukraine.

Sure, US speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote: “The killing of American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is an (sic) horrific tragedy.”

Newsflash, Speaker Pelosi, taking pictures a Palestinian-American journalist within the face on objective just isn’t a “tragedy”. It is against the law. We know, we all know, Israeli troopers by no means commit crimes.

Quick, again to the child method scarcity.

Oh, wait. Bennett’s as soon as iron-clad “data” has gone poof – if it ever existed. Late Wednesday, an Israeli normal stated, properly, perhaps Abu Akleh was not the sufferer of Palestinian on Palestinian violence. Maybe an armed Israeli soldier, not an “armed” Palestinian – are there another variety? – shot her within the face. Maybe.

It doesn’t matter. The “narrative”, like cement, has already been solid.

It goes like this: We won’t ever know who shot Abu Akleh within the face. Israel needs an “inquiry” to search out out who shot Abu Akleh. It does. Honest. The Palestinians won’t cooperate. Fanatics.

Still, if an Israeli sniper shot a journalist within the face, that’s the horrible value of battle. That sniper was doing their obligation, too, defending Israel from terrorists. She knew the dangers. She bought in the best way. Tough luck.

The reality is that it’ll work as a result of it has labored each different time Israel has murdered a Palestinian.

Shireen Abu Akleh knew that, I think, higher than anybody.

The views expressed on this article are the creator’s personal and don’t essentially replicate Al Jazeera’s editorial stance. 

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