Home World ‘Our voice’: Friends react to Al Jazeera reporter’s killing

‘Our voice’: Friends react to Al Jazeera reporter’s killing

‘Our voice’: Friends react to Al Jazeera reporter’s killing

Shireen Abu Akleh – who was killed by Israeli forces whereas reporting – was a task mannequin, colleagues and mates say.

Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Akleh, a 51-year-old Palestinian-American native of Jerusalem, was on project within the occupied West Bank when Israeli forces shot and killed her whereas sporting a blue flak jacket clearly marked with the phrase ‘PRESS’.

The veteran journalist, who was shot within the head, was a task mannequin for generations of Arab journalists and a voice for the unvoiced in accordance to her colleagues and mates, having reported on Palestine and the encircling area for 3 many years.

Here is how a few of them have chosen to bear in mind her:

Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar

Jarrar mentioned that Abu Akleh was the voice of Palestinians and was killed by “the monstrosity of Israeli colonialism and occupation”.

“Shireen was always my voice from the prison cells,” she mentioned, including {that a} month into her final detention by Israel, Shireen was the primary particular person she noticed at her court docket hearings.

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“Shireen was our voice. It is unbelievable. It is a crime, it is all clear – intentional and direct targeting. She was targeted. It’s clear.”


Tamer Mishal, Al Jazeera journalist

Al Jazeera journalist Tamer Mishal mentioned Abu Akleh was a task mannequin “for every Palestinian journalist and for every Arab journalist”.

“Till the very last second, Shireen Abu Akleh was professional and persevering,” he added.

The final message Abu Akleh despatched to Al Jazeera was an electronic mail at 6:13am native time (03:13 GMT) during which she wrote: “Occupation forces storm Jenin and besiege a house in the Jabriyat neighbourhood. On the way there, I will bring you news as soon as the picture becomes clear.”

Walid al-Omari, supervisor of Al Jazeera workplace in Ramallah

Al-Omari mentioned that on the time of Abu Akleh’s killing, there have been no confrontations between Israeli troopers and Palestinian fighters.

“It seems that she was targeted even though she was in her journalist vest; she was not known to have biases towards certain parties that would make her a clear target, and she covered the truth and the whole truth,” he mentioned.

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Nida Ibrahim, colleague

Ibrahim, an Al Jazeera correspondent and colleague of Abu Akleh’s within the occupied West Bank, mentioned “she was kind, dedicated and devoted”.

Speaking by way of tears, Ibrahim described Abu Akleh as a “unique” human being who was “very well known, but modest” and dedicated to private excellence.

“Shireen knew the story through and through and she understood the nuances. She brought a wealth of information to her reporting,” she mentioned.

At the time of her demise, Abu Akleh had been studying Hebrew so as to perceive Israeli media narratives higher, and had simply completed a diploma in digital media, Ibrahim mentioned.

“She’s not only someone who was a veteran, who’s been here covering the story for years, but also someone who was eager to keep learning and keep reporting using new means.”

Dalia Hatuqa, colleague and shut buddy

Hatuqa, an Al Jazeera journalist who was an in depth buddy of Abu Akleh, mentioned “Shireen was a trailblazer, an inspiration for us all”.

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“Her presence became synonymous with Al Jazeera,” she mentioned.

Hatuqa mentioned that to her mates, Abu Akleh was excess of the face of Al Jazeera in Palestine.

“She had an infectious laugh. She loved to travel, see the world, shop, party,” Hatuqa mentioned. “She lost her mother and father when she was younger and saw so much cruelty in the world, especially in Palestine, but that never stopped her from appreciating and enjoying life.”