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My boyfriend has an ‘obsession’ with his neighbour even though he claims to ‘hate’ her – and it’s only getting worse: ‘I’m so creeped out’

An Australian woman who moved in with her partner was shocked to discover his ‘secret obsession’ with a neighbour.

Posting to a women’s Facebook group, the distressed friend stumbled upon her partner’s “deep hatred for his neighbor for no reason at all.”

The man insulted the neighbor at ‘every opportunity’, called her names and made fun of her for her clothing.

“But when I confront him about why he hates her so much, he shrugs and gets irritated,” she said.

The friend’s distrust turned to disbelief when she noticed her partner had sent the neighbor a Facebook friend request, despite claiming to hate her.

However, the friend insisted he only sent the request because he has “all the neighbors on social media.”

During a quiet evening out, things went from bad to worse.

While watching a movie, the friend asked her partner to close the curtains.

His window overlooked the neighbor who was outside at the time, and he refused to draw the curtains and crept outside to his girlfriend.

The friend was inundated with advice from concerned women.

“He likes her, she won’t give him a chance,” said one.

The concerned reactions intensified when the woman revealed that she had once “joked to him that he was obsessed” and that her boyfriend “seemed to have been misled.”.

Facebook users did not believe the man’s excuses.

‘If I were you, I’d wonder if he’s the man for me. I’d actually be tempted to chat with her and find out what interactions she’s had with him,” one person said.

Everyone agreed that the suspicious behavior “100 percent” meant “he hit her before and she rejected his advances, so now he is “hostile” and averse.

“It’s giving me psychotic stalker vibes,” said one.

The anonymous poster agreed, saying it didn’t occur to her to wonder how her partner even knew the neighbor’s full name before the Facebook friend request.

Two days later, she informed the group of the news that she had seen him watching the neighbor from a distance and that she had also discovered her photo on his phone.

‘I think he might be stalking her. I talked to him about my concerns and got a kick-off, so that told me everything I needed to know. I also found a photo of her in his phone. Surely this is more to God than a little crush? I haven’t been with him since,” she concluded.

‘I said to him during an argument ‘anyone would think you were in love with her’ and he went quiet. I don’t know what to do now.’

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