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Close links between Joe Biden’s physician and the first family called into question by Republicans who insist president receives glowing health bill and NEVER a cognitive test

Republicans want to arrest President Biden’s doctor, who is now embroiled in a scandal over his mental decline.

“The only people in Washington, D.C. — other than Donald Trump — who want Joe Biden to stay in the race are the Biden family and his doctor,” House Supervisor James Comer said Tuesday.

“What do they have in common? They were involved in the Biden influence peddling scheme.”

Dr. Kevin O’Connor is a close friend of the Biden family and was involved in his brother James’ business dealings at the now-defunct Americore Health.

Visitor logs on Monday showed that a Parkinson’s expert visited the White House eight times, from July 2023 to March of this year.

The expert, Dr. Kevin Cannard, met O’Connor at least once.

O’Connor has repeatedly maintained that the president is in good health and earlier this year denied a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Biden has often touted his doctor’s optimistic assessment of his health.

O’Connor said Cannard had seen Biden three times in the three and a half years of his presidency and suggested the other visits were related to other White House staff.

‘Prior to and following the pandemic, he provided regular neurology consultations in the White House Medical Clinic to support the thousands of active duty members assigned to support the White House operations.’

O’Connor also made business introductions between James, who was exploring a business venture that would seek contracts from Veterans Affairs, and a medical team focused on the military. The doctor accompanied James to a meeting with a hospital president, Politico reported.

James, who served as a director, sent $200,000 to President Biden in March 2018 when the company was in financial trouble. The check was marked as repayment of a loan.

A February memo from O’Connor to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said a neurological exam found no evidence of Parkinson’s disease or other neurological disorders.

Comer said he planned to ask O’Connor about the “glowing bill of health” he gave the president in February. “We also wonder why Joe Biden has never taken a cognitive test.”

O’Connor was also Biden’s physician when he was vice president.

A year after Biden left the vice presidency, O’Connor emailed more than a dozen family members, writing, “You have all been a very important part of my life.”

In a 2018 statement, James’ wife Sarah described O’Connor as a “friend” who often gave her family medical advice.

O’Connor’s testimony could be severely limited by HIPAA, which prohibits doctors from disclosing medical information that a patient wants kept secret, even if that patient is a government official.

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Comer told that he would give O’Connor some time to respond to his request to testify before considering subpoenaing the doctor.

Chairman Mike Johnson also said he supported nominating O’Connor to Congress.

“The American people want to know if this was indeed a cover-up, all the way to the top.”

Biden and O'Connor photo in 2017

Biden and O’Connor photo in 2017

Jean-Pierre repeatedly stressed during a press conference last week that Biden had not been to the doctor to take a mental acuity test. This contradicts statements the president himself made during a meeting with governors last week. He said he had visited his doctor after the debate and that everything was fine.

Biden denies he has any long-term mental health issues, saying in his first post-debate TV interview that there is “no evidence of a serious condition.”

Speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Friday, Biden repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​seeking an independent medical evaluation that would show voters he could serve another term.



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