Aussie woman is asked to leave her friend’s baby shower over a bizarre rule no one’s heard of before: ‘I’m super confused’

While wearing white is a faux pas at weddings, Redditors thought it was appropriate for a summer baby shower


A woman was left stunned after she was told she had to leave her high school friend’s baby shower because of her choice of clothing.

The woman shared on Reddit that she donned a matching white and blue floral print summer dress to help her longtime friend Claire celebrate her upcoming birth.

But the expectant mother objected to her white appearance.

“I didn’t think about it because as far as I know, white is only inappropriate for bridal events,” she said.

Upon arrival, the host’s “mood immediately seemed sour” and she was “immediately cold” toward her friend.

A mutual friend then pulled her aside and told her to leave the party.

‘She said Claire was offended by my ‘attention-seeking behaviour’ and that it was inappropriate to wear white to Claire’s event. “I left,” she said.

Friends in the close-knit group refused to take sides and some even suggested she should apologize to the host, even though she was not in the wrong.

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“I’m super confused,” she said.

While wearing white is a faux pas at weddings, Redditors thought it was appropriate for a summer baby shower

Eight-month pregnant presenter Clare became 'sour' about the 'attention-seeking behaviour'

Eight-month pregnant presenter Clare became ‘sour’ about the ‘attention-seeking behaviour’

Commenters were quick to address the confusion and defend the woman.

“My mind immediately went to some stupid reason… you probably looked beautiful in that dress and she felt fat and ugly,” one suggested.

Another agreed: “I’ve never heard of you not wearing white to a baby shower. It sounds like she was feeling insecure and something about the way you looked made her feel bad about herself. Even though that sucks, it’s not your fault.”

One Redditor surmised that the blue in the dress and not the white might have been the cause of the unintentional violation if it was seen as an impermissible reveal of the baby’s gender.

Most people agreed that the woman needed new friends, with one asking, “Did you take your gift with you when you left?”

Redditors seemed united in their mockery of Claire.

‘Now pregnant people want ALL the attention on themselves at a baby shower – which is nothing more than grabbing a present,’ said one.

This isn’t the first time outfit shaming at a formal event has been a hot topic on the internet.

A mother of the bride from Louisiana recently sparked heated debate over her outfit choice at her daughter’s wedding.

Many wore a beautiful light green floral dress with a majestic train and claimed her striking attire was inappropriate as it completely overshadowed the bride on her special day.

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