VIDEO: Sunny Hostin compared proud boys with Hamas terrorists as she list their similarities on The View


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Sunny Hostin compared proud boys with Hamas terrorists as she list their similarities on The View.

“I look at this from a legal perspective, and I think we all know that Hamas has been designated a terror organization, just like many other terror organizations have this designation, like the Proud Boys here in the United States,” Hostin said on the program on Friday.

The co-host then warned about Israel violating international law with its response to the Hamas attack. She said, “But I do think that what we need to remember is that there is an international human rights body of law, and when you look at that law, part of it is retaliation against innocent civilians collectively is also terror and is also a war crime.”

Since the Saturday attack, Israel has declared war on Hamas and has sent Israeli military forces into the Gaza Strip to conduct localized raids against enemy militants there. On Thursday, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security Council issued a joint statement that said, “Against the background of Operation Swords of Iron, the Hamas leadership has called on all of its supporters around the world to hold a ‘Day or Rage’ tomorrow (Friday, 13 October 2023) and attack Israelis and Jews. It is reasonable to assume that there will be protest events in various countries that are liable to turn violent.”

Over the weekend, Hamas militants attacked parts of Israel and have taken Israeli citizens hostage. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country is “at war” with Hamas, with the Middle Eastern country cutting off electricity and supplies to the Gaza Strip. According to the Associated Press, over 2,000 casualties have been reported across both sides of the ongoing fighting.

Where co-host Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro agreed that Hamas should face serious consequences for what it perpetrated on the Israeli people, Hostin seemed to imply that extremist group’s terror designation was dubious and claimed that Israel may be committing war crimes in its military response to Saturday’s massacre.

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