VIDEO: Joe Rogan said Justin Trudeau can eat shit


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Joe Rogan said Justin Trudeau can eat shit.

Joe Rogan said: “That guy can eat shit.”

Joe Rogan recently discussed the UFC’s new anti-doping program on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. He mentioned that the testing process could significantly change when the promotion’s partnership with Drug Free Sport International takes effect in 2024. Rogan advocated the requirement of a relaxed procedure for fighters. However, we have a few reasons why his opinion might be contradictory to his past actions.
The 56-year-old recently had Derek from ‘More Plates More Dates’ on his podcast. There, Joe Rogan seemed to be in support of a more relaxed drug testing process when the UFC splits with USADA. He said, “I would imagine it’s going to be a little more ‘lax and I would support that.” The UFC color commentator made this comment in the wake of Conor McGregor‘s leg injury, which the Irishman sustained in his last fight. Nevertheless, we have reasons to believe that Rogan should not support that kind of freedom to fight since he has been one of the few people who had earlier exposed people to using banned substances. Let us take a look at why.

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