VIDEO: Joe Biden couldn’t pronounce ‘Mohammed bin Salman’ correctly during his speech India for G20 Summit

VIDEO: Joe Biden couldn't pronounce 'Mohammed bin Salman' correctly during his speech India for G20 Summit

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Joe Biden couldn’t pronounce ‘Mohammed bin Salman’ correctly during his speech India for G20 Summit.

Following Biden’s July 2022 meeting with MBS at Al Salam Royal Palace in Jeddah, which the president was partly using to raise U.S. energy priorities, Biden laughed off a reporter’s question about the fist-bump greeting between them.

Fred Ryan, The Washington Post’s publisher at the time, called the interaction “shameful.”

The continuing relationship between the two leaders has drawn fire from critics of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, which includes heavy religious restrictions, state-sanctioned torture and media repression.

The Saudi crown prince once vilified by President Joe Biden has been elevated from a fist bump to a hearty handshake.

Biden warmly greeted Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, Mohammed bin Salman, after they appeared together along with several other leaders at the Group of 20 summit Saturday in New Delhi. The leaders had gathered to announce an ambitious plan to build a rail and shipping corridor linking India with the Middle East and Europe.

Biden smiled and shook hands with the crown prince, who is often referred to by his initials MBS, as the announcement wrapped up. This year’s G20 host, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mod i, quickly draped his own hand over their hands.

“This is a game-changing regional investment,” Biden said at the event, as he thanked the world leaders flanking him. Biden is expected to meet with bin Salman during the G20 summit, which runs through Sunday.

Khashoggi was an opinion journalist for the Post who often wrote columns critical of the Saudi government. In 2018, after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, he was found dismembered. The CIA, under the Trump administration, released a report that found bin Salman ordered the killing.

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