VIDEO: Jesssani Fafa apology gets featured in Morley’s sponsored post ads with ex-boyfriend, Sr.iso


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Jesssani Fafa apology gets featured in Morley’s sponsored post ads with ex-boyfriend, Sr.iso.

Morley’s is a fast food chain based in the United Kingdom, selling fried chicken, burgers and spare ribs. Morley’s was founded in 1985, by Sri Lankan immigrant Kannalingam “Indran” Selvendran (1951–2002).The first Morley’s location was in Sydenham, south-east London.

According to information, the girl, Jesssani, has locked her Instagram and TikTok comment sections.

In the trending video, the yet-to-be-identified guy is seen as he shook his head while his girlfriend was rocking Omah Lay penis on stage. 

Information reads: “Kai Cenat tried to get the girl that went on stage while her boyfriend watched on stream but she wanted “compensation” 

Seated in the front row, the man had attended the concert with his girlfriend, only to witness her being pulled onto the stage by Omah Lay. The audience erupted into excitement as the singer and the girlfriend engaged in what appeared to be a romantic interaction, leaving the man feeling heartbroken and stunned.

This event has led to an intense debate on social media with many speculating as to who was right or wrong in that situation.

Reactions below:

Michael: I say if you no set boundaries, women go run you this shi, people dey try cook me. For this age, if you complain, dem go say you Dey insecure. It’s because we allowed them normalized those buzzwords that we now dealing with women like this in large scale nowadays. Ruger go even say make dem talk loud say their boyfriend useless and dem go dey scream am.

Douglas: some men calling this lady out are the same people ALWAYS drolling over Jemima Osunde’s pictures and tweeting about donating their fathers wealth just to be her driver. Double standards una.

Cynthia: Apparently the babe omah lay been dey bend for stage came with her boyfriend. 
Water dey comot for my eye.
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