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Rod Wave used Jay-Z’s lyrics word for word from “Song Cry” for his song “2019”

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Rod Wave gets exposed for using Jay-Z’s lyrics word for word from “Song Cry” for his song “2019”.

Rod Wave is in the midst of drama with Boosie, over sampling his lyrics. However, fans have done some digging, and found Rod Wave does this often. It’s not just him sampling a few words from other rappers, either. Instead, he’s out here straight up stealing lyrics from other rappers. Someone dug up the lyrics from his song, 2019, to discover he lifted the entire second verse from Jay-Z’s “Song Cry.”

This particular set of lyrics has left fans divided, with some noting that Jay-Z had interpreted Biggie lyrics early on in his career.

“When Jay-Z did it y’all said he was just ‘paying homage,’” said one Twitter user. “This just shows us that Rod Wave is a master student of the game.”

Rod Wave was called out by Boosie, who said he is going to sue him. In response, Rod Wave shared a video telling Boosie he’ll pay him. So, he was asking Boosie to come up with a number and he’ll pay it, without having to go to court. Despite Rod Wave saying this, Boosie has remained upset with him for taking his words without giving him the proper credit.

Rod Wave taking some lyrics and reusing them is a common practice. Actually, Jay-Z is the person who made this popular. On his song, “What More Can I Say,” Jay-Z explains how and why he does this. There is a major difference between borrowing a line to show love and just taking a whole verse. The fans pointed out how Rod Wave took an entire verse off Jay-Z’s “Song Cry,” using the exact same words.
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