PHOTO: Ebonyi MC, Mc Dave d Comedian, Who Works For Crownfm in Rivers State Kidnapped By Gunmen As N25M Ransom has been Paid

PHOTO: Ebonyi MC, Mc Dave d Comedian, Who Works For Crownfm in Rivers State Kidnapped By Gunmen As N25M Ransom has been Paid

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Ebonyi MC, Mc Dave d Comedian, Who Works For Crownfm in Rivers State Kidnapped By Gunmen As N25M Ransom has been Paid.

Shocking Details Emerge as Popular Port Harcourt Comedian, David “MC Dave” Uwakwe, Becomes The Latest Victim of Kidnapping; N25 Million Ransom Demanded

In a city renowned for its vibrant culture and comedic relief, a dark cloud has descended upon Port Harcourt with the mysterious kidnapping of one of its foremost humorists, David Uwakwe, popularly known in entertainment circles as MC Dave or Gbagamgbam. This grim incident has left fans, friends, and family bewildered and desperate for answers, as the face behind so many smiles is now the subject of a harrowing N25 million ransom demand.

According to insider sources, the charismatic comedian, who has made a name for himself not just in Rivers State but across the country, was returning from a sold-out performance near the University of Port Harcourt. A night that started in a blaze of laughter and applause around 2 a.m., took an unexpected and sinister twist at Rumukalagbo, a neighborhood ordinarily teeming with life even in the small hours.

Unknown assailants, who wore what seemed to be police uniforms and concealed their identity with face masks, had been trailing him in what we have learned was a meticulously planned operation. As MC Dave cruised along, probably replaying the night’s success in his mind, his car was halted by these men who chillingly called him out by his stage name, “Gbagamgbam.”

Mc Fantasy said that comedy was the only thing that would keep Nigerians together at the moment.
According to him,
“If not some people would have lost their minds.

“Comedy is the only therapy that is helping us with the current situation going on in Nigeria.

“Even the politicians themselves are comedians, the likes of the ‘balablue, bulaba’, ‘a town hall diferrent from balablue’.

“Our leaders are indeed acting more like comedians than doing what we voted them to do.

“In the midst of the hardship, people still find a way to laugh with content and that is why apps on social media like the Instagram and Tiktok Facebook are getting more popular and entertaining,“ he said.

He further urged Nigerians to vote for the most credible candidate in the forthcoming elections.

“With the 2023 general elections already here, Nigerians should vote for the most credible candidate, irrespective of tribe or religion.

“Nigerians should vote for the candidates of their choice, by what their manifesto present rather than the gifts they tend to get,” he said.

The comedian who had shared the stage with the likes of Ali Baba, the king of comedy, in Chicago, also urged Nigerian comedians to grow beyond the shores of the country by collaborating with their colleagues across the globe.

“Being in America is an eye-opener for me and seeing the good efforts put in by comedians.

“Americans receive our jokes very well, they are very attentive to jokes, so they get jokes easily and you sometimes don’t stress yourself.

“Americans don’t have that much problem in their life, as long as they can relate to it, our gesticulations especially, make them laugh easily.

”Comedy structure can be improved in Nigeria basically by trying to bring bigger international comedians, the likes of Trevor Noah, Kelvin Hart, Dave Chappelle in Nigeria, that way it will be easier to collaborate.
“I think collaboration with international artistes is just the best way to help the comedy structure,” he added.

MC Fantasy is also one of the topmost sought after wedding MC in the U.S.
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