PHOTO: Americans believe Falcon is the character flying in the sky in background for new promo art for Deadpool 3


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Americans believe Falcon is the character flying in the sky in background for new promo art for Deadpool 3.

Morena Baccarin confirms she has completed filming her role as Vanessa for ‘DEADPOOL 3.’

“I’ve finished my shooting days on it already and the film is now underway again after the strike and I think it’s going to be quite good, and the fans are in for a fun surprise.”

Recently, Steve got the chance to sit down with the actor to talk about his upcoming pic Real Steel. We’ll have the full interview up soon, but Jackman told a great story about how his cameo in the X-Men flick came to be. The scene was filmed at the last minute, and Jackman came up with the final version of his line himself.

All some X-Men fans have ever wanted is to see the live-action Wolverine in his blue and yellow suit. Hugh Jackman’s iconic mutant in the world of past and upcoming Marvel movies is about to grant that wish through his appearance in Deadpool 3. And according to director Shawn Levy, even the Australian actor had a pretty intense response.

While being interview by ReelBlend co-host Jake Hamilton on his Jake’s Takes YouTube channel, the All the Light We Cannot See director even dropped an accidental F-bomb when recalling the moment. What’s even more impressive is that while Hugh Jackman was jazzed to hear it was happening, Levy also shared how the enthusiasm of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige factored into the decision:

I’m so happy we were able to release that one picture before the strike paused production… I think this would have gone down this way anyway. But when we first told Kevin Feige that Hugh Jackman wanted to join the movie, my recollection is damn near the first thing he said was ‘Okay, but let’s go with the blue and yellow. Just tell me we’re going with the blue and yellow.’ And when I approached Hugh with that idea he’s like ‘Fuck yeah.’

When it came down to delivering the line, Jackman had an idea of his own that he wanted to try out for the last take:

“The line was ‘Fuck off’ and then I said, ‘Matthew, give me one more. I have a feeling.’ So the last one I said, ‘Go fuck yourself’ and Matthew said, ‘I think that’s gonna be the one.’”

To look back on the road to Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 3 look is something pretty wild to behold. Technically we almost got a suit reminiscent of Wolverine’s comic specific duds in The Wolverine, but that scene was deleted from the picture. This time around history and comic fans won out, and you can easily see why.

While the costumes that Hugh Jackman has worn in his tenure as the OG X-Men star have been pretty spectacular, and in some cases very flattering to his physique, the old “blue and yellow” has been absent for some time. So of course Jackman, and the world at large, dropped some appropriate profanity when Deadpool 3’s Wolverine costume was revealed.
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