Journalist David Hundeyin confirms Bola Tinubu spent $422,820 and total of $507,000 in 7 days for UNGA IN NEW YORK


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Journalist David Hundeyin confirms Bola Tinubu spent $422,820 and total of $507,000 in 7 days for UNGA IN NEW YORK.

Taking to social media, popular Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin, confirmed: “One of the biggest and most obvious running scams around the world today is the fact that government spending, public contract awarding and incoming government revenues are not documented live and in real time on a public website anywhere.
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Norway, Nigeria, or Nicaragua – it’s the same opaque process. You typically have to send a “Freedom Of Information Request” to ask the government that you supposedly elected to give you a detailed account of the money it took in and where that money avtually went to, and then you have to hope they will grant your request.
Even if they do, what they typically offer you is just a series of statements of what they claim they made and how they claim they spent it. There is no forensic audit that is readily available. In fact, the only time a government institution typically has to undergo a forensic audit is when it is suspected of wrongdoing and the politicians get involved.

“Civil services around the world – even in supposedly “democratic” countries – are far too opaque and unavailable for public scrutiny for them to be the central institution in any kind of “open society.” This needs to change immediately, and the technology already exists. If JP Morgan, which does between $3trn and $5trn worth of transactions everyday can present Jamie Dimon with full visibility over every cent in real time on his computer screen, there is no reason why a civil service controlling a total annual budget of about $30bn somehow cannot do the same.

“It shouldn’t have to take an insurgent whistleblower like @PIDOMNIGERIA for Nigerians to know that the 15% Wheat Grain Levy Pool Account – an account opened in 2012 to hold receipts of a new 15% wheat import levy imposed by the Jonathan administration to discourage wheat importation and encourage local production of cassava flour (…) – is now being used to fund $507,000 worth of hotel rooms, strippers, alcohol and shopping trips in New York by Bola Tinubu, his useless cokehead son, and his hangers-on like Dele Alake.

“Instead of having to rely on intrepid journalists and whistleblowers to get hold of information like this – information that shows that the wheat levy you pay everytime you buy Agege bread is being used to pay for Seyi Tinubu’s expensive prostitutes when he follows his daddy to New York – there should be a publicly viewable credit and debit portal where citizens of a country should have full visibility over what their “elected” government is using their taxes to do.

“This technology already exists and is in use on much bigger scales. This is not 1970 anymore. There is no reason for a drug dealer and his coke-sniffing, prostitute-paying entourage to be able to use the taxes we pay on our bread to pay for their jamborees in New York, simply because the information about where the money comes from and goes to is not available to us.
This must change!”

When converted to Naira, $507,384 is equivalent to N390,690,753 at the current exchange rate.

According to a memo dated September 11, 2023, and obtained by FIJ, $422,820 (N325.5 million) out of the total amount covered the cost of rooms booked for Tinubu and his close aides at the St. Regis Hotel in New York from September 16 to 23.

The memo also shows that the remaining $84,564 (65.1 million in Naira), which is 20 percent of the hotel reservation cost, was for incidentals.

While the memo does not include a breakdown of the incidentals, hotel incidental charges entail the cost of services and amenities that are not included in the room rates.

The ministers and heads of MDA’s who attended the united nations general assembly UNGA, was there based on the individual budget approved by their ministries or agencies, which also runs into hundreds of millions of naira. These were not included in president Tinubu’s budget. The $422,820 and $84,564 dollars is allegedly just for Tinubu and his close aides alone.

The leaked document also shows that Bola Tinubu spent an additional $84,564.00 on incidents to cover meals, taxis, and other expenses.
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