HOT: Lakers players or any winning NBA team will take home $231,000 out of $500K for winning 2023 season after federal tax, California taxes and payroll taxes


If the Lakers win the in season tournament each player will gross $500,000 

After federal tax, California taxes and payroll taxes the players will take home approximately $231k.

Tonight is the last game of the NBA In-Season Tournament between Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers. After an intense first edition, both teams are doing everything to get the trophy and the prize money.

For the elite earners, it’s barely more than pocket money but for those who are breaking out in their careers or perhaps don’t enjoy an incredibly high salary then it’s a significant sum to take home as a nice Christmas present for their families.

The total to be won by going all the way through the 2023 edition is just the small amount of $850,000 per player. That full amount will be awarded to whoever emerges victorious in the final on December 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

But there is one clause. Two-way players only get half as much as those on full-contracts but some of the players are completely fine with that since it’s not about the money. Across the whole roster, the winning side will take home a grand total of $7,500,000 if they’re all fully contracted players.
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