HOT: Korea Forensic Service concluded that Kim Jiwoong didn’t use the ssibal curse word in a recent fan call event


Dispatch is reporting that the Korea Forensic Service concluded that the curse word “ssibal” was not spoken by ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong in a recent fan call event.

When I thought about how this incident wasn’t something I had to bear on my own, but something that must have also affected Ze_Rose and caused you distress, my heart did not feel comfortable. 
For some, it might feel too late, but for me, I am thankful for the opportunity to address the issue even now.
As always, I will do my best right by your side so that Ze_Rose can smile and be happy.
Ze_Rose, thank you and I love you.” 

First, the analyst checked the pronunciation of words used by all speakers in two different videos – the video uploaded by the fan, approximately 3 minutes long, and CCTV footage from the Wake One Entertainment building. 

Deciphering the formants (the broad spectral maximum that results from an acoustic resonance of the human vocal tract) detected by the speakers in the two videos, the analyst confirmed that three phrases could be heard in order: 1) “Thank you” 2) “Ssibal (f**k)” 3) “(either) Strange or suspicious”. 
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