HOT: Kaitlyn Dever will play as Abby in The Last of Us HBO Season 2


Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Kaitlyn Dever will play as Abby in The Last of Us HBO Season 2.

However, fans should take both these reports with a grain of salt and wait for official confirmation from Mazin, HBO, and the makers of the series. Despite this, Mazin has previously revealed that he has found the actress for Abby, though he did not reveal who it was.

Dever is not the only name associated with Abby as there has been a lot of speculation regarding the actress who would take on Abby, with names like Shannon Berry and Florence Pugh being thrown in the mix. That said, fans may not have to wait very long to find out who will play the character as production for the second season is set to commence in early 2024. What is even more interesting is that Dever reportedly almost played Ellie in the show before the role went to Bella Ramsey.

Reputed industry insider Jeff Sneider of The InSneider reported that Kaitlyn Dever has signed on to play Abby in The Last of Us Season 2. He had also reached out to showrunner Craig Mazin for a comment which has yet to be responded to. Then 14 hours ago, another reputed insider and semi-reliable scooper Daniel RPK also corroborated Sneider’s report via Patreon.

The second season is set to explore narrative elements from Naughty Dog’s second video game, with a particular focus on the backstory of the anticipated antagonist, Abby Anderson.

A recent rumor, as reported by The InSneider, suggests that Kaitlyn Dever is in contention to portray Abby. Abby is a pivotal character, a young member of the Fireflies group and the daughter of Jerry Anderson, whose demise at the hands of Joel in the first season sets the stage for Abby’s quest for revenge against the protagonists.

Jeff Sneider, a journalist, puts forth Dever as a leading candidate for the role, citing her recent acclaimed performance in Disney+’s ‘Nobody Will Save You,’ a series that earned praise from none other than Stephen King.
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