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FULL VIDEO: Aline Limas Nude onlyfans Leak! NEW

Aline Limas known as alinelimasoficial the ICU Nurse ditches scrubs for big money making content on OnlyFans. Alinee_limas is an brazilian former ICU nurse who gave up on her healthcare career to chase big money by making content on the internet.

Alinelimas was putting in overtime hours saving lives as an ICU nurse chief in Brazil, barely making ends meet. That changed when she started making exclusive content on OnlyFans and other similar platforms.

The 30-year-old now claims to be bringing home as much as $58k plus a month. The career change wasn’t a well received one by her former colleagues in the medical field.

Much like the long hours on the ICU floor being behind her, so are the days of worrying about the opinions of others. Aline is moving forward without any of those worries dragging her down.

Nowadays, I don’t let myself be affected by people’s prejudice, because those who truly matter are by my side, she continued. After all, their prejudice doesn’t pay my bills.

Aline decided to switch careers from nursing to content creation in February, and she’s not solely relying on the income from her content. In addition to creating content, she is also working towards a post-graduate degree to prepare for the future.

Transitioning from balancing nursing and content creation, she now incorporates her medical expertise into her content to both entertain and educate her audience. With over 143k Instagram followers, her content is well-received.

Her followers were the ones who suggested she start a paid subscription service for exclusive content. Aline took their advice, with the support of her husband, and made the leap.

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The encouragement from my followers was a major motivator. They kept asking me to join OnlyFans, and since I enjoy sharing, I decided to go for it, Aline shared. “My husband has always been supportive and helped me feel confident in my decision.”

It’s truly a success story. Encountering stories like this on a Friday afternoon in early June is truly inspiring.

My nursing background allows me to discuss topics like self-care and intimate anatomy in an informative and respectful way.

What more could you want from a former nurse turned content creator? She’s covering all the bases.