2024 electric Dodge Charger to be Eclipse the Gas-Burning Hellcat


2024 electric Dodge Charger promises to Eclipse the Gas-Burning Hellcat. It has 885HP that’s faster than any other hellcat. They say it will be louder too.

That said, the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT is the world’s first-ever electric muscle car. While Dodge is keeping the specifications under wraps, it did reveal several bits of exciting news at the 2022 SEMA show, assuring the electric powertrain will be a step ahead of the Hellcats and Jailbreaks.

We would have bet that Dodge would be the last gas-burning holdout, striping 11s on internal-combustion island as the automotive market quietly whirred and recharged around it. Instead, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis declared the “brotherhood of muscle,” going forward, will be battery-powered.

One cool detail about the upcoming electric Dodge muscle car is that even if you get the base model of the Charger, given its affordability and your wallet, you can always get an upgrade. You don’t even have to go to Dodge for the upgrade because of “eStage Kits” which will enable you to purchase more horsepower over the air, much like the existing Mopar Stage performance kits. Dodge calls this Direct Connection.

Further, you can download the software and install it on the car. After the purchase, buyers will get a “DC Crystal Key” to plug into the dash. Buyers can use the key to authenticate the upgrade and unlock the power, and will also then get Fender badges to show off the said prowess.

With the advent of the 2024 Dodge Charger EV, Dodge is breaking into new ground, that of electric muscle cars. Back when the four-door Dodge Charger burst into the scene in 1966, it was a cool “passenger car”, based on the lines of the previous year’s Marlin. It ran continuously till 1978, hiccupped a break, and came back in 1982 before low sales threw it out in 1987. Finally, it made a comeback in 2006 and has been a steady muscle passenger car since then, till now, when Dodge announced it was retiring the HEMI engines, permanently. Right now, there’s a last call for buyers to get their hands on the last of the greats, the Dodge Charger and Challenger.

The entry-level Charger 340 gets a 400-volt propulsion system and 455 horsepower, while the midrange 440 (the electric Scat Pack, if you will) boasts 590 horsepower. Both models can receive over-the-air horsepower bumps through Dodge Direct Connection, and a multi-speed transmission is promised.

The top Banshee model will have an 800-volt architecture, and we predict that if the lesser models don’t have two motors, the Banshee will. The horsepower rating is a secret, but Dodge promises the Banshee will eclipse the gas-powered Hellcat in all performance metrics. That includes sound, with the Charger EV’s amplifying chamber “exhaust” tuned to 126 decibels.

With the environment becoming a growing concern, it’s easy to assume that the time of the V8-powered muscle car is coming to an end. Of course, most of the gas guzzlers are winding down, and almost all automakers are jumping onto the electrification bandwagon. It’s easier for passenger cars, though, because muscle car fans are less eager to throw their powerful, growling, and smoking V8 engines away.
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