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VIDEO: The trailer for THE PASS, Todd’s film starring Kandi and Drew

The trailer for THE PASS, Todd’s film starring Kandi and Drew.

Kandi & Todd’s “The Pass” featuring Drew debuts August 27th on Peacock. 

ET has your exclusive first look at the flick, which follows Nina (Sidora) and Maurice (Rob Riley), a married couple who give each other one night off from fidelity, the titular “hall pass.” Their lives quickly turn upside down as the one night of pleasure becomes a tool of deception.  

“I’ve been working on this thing for a minute, you know what I mean? Been secure and insecure about it, and my wife been pushing me, she’s been like, ‘Man, just go and do it.’ So, everything happens at the right time, and we’re going to make magic,” Tucker shared with the cast and crew of the film on a recent episode of Housewives, calling it a “passion” project. The RHOA finale features The Pass’ wrap party. 

As the wild trailer for the Betty Gilpin-starring series shows, Mrs. Davis defies a single easy sci-fi description (but Gilpin herself says it sprints through “11 genres that deal with 57 themes.”) The Glow acting alum stars as a decidedly unconventional nun named Sister Simone, leading an uprising against “Mrs. Davis,” the titular AI algorithm guiding humanity toward a new world order that Simone and her rebel compatriots want no part of. Co-created by Lindelof alongside Tara Hernandez (The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon), Mrs. Davis boots up as Peacock’s newest original series beginning April 20, with fresh episodes arriving weekly after that.

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