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Bolt Sets Up Africa’s Headquarters in Nairobi

Bolt has opened its Africa Head Office in Nairobi to leverage the city’s strategic position to serve as a regional hub for its operations in Africa.

The office which is located in Riverside Drive will act as the regional nerve centre of the company whose operations in Africa cuts through seven countries including; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Tunisia.

This forms part of the company’s continued growth and investment strategy in the region as it seeks to deepen its presence in Africa in a unified approach. The office will provide an opportunity for Bolt to run its operations in a more integrated and cohesive manner across the region.

Speaking during the official opening, Bolt Regional Director and Interim VP for Rides, Paddy Partridge noted that the investment is significant in strengthening Bolt’s presence in Africa as a region considering the country’s strategic location and infrastructural advancement.

“This investment is strategic for us as it will enable us to run and coordinate operations seamlessly across Africa in an integrated manner. It also provides us access to the great COMESA regional markets which we are keen to expand. Africa as a region shares a lot in common, and Kenya acts as a great gateway to the region. Its strategic location in the region and the available infrastructure has enabled us to grow tremendously in the East African market and we believe we can leverage this to still achieve more across the entire continent” Paddy Partridge.

The office will now host the company’s top-brass leadership overseeing operations across Africa including; the Regional Director and Interim VP for Rides, Regional Manager for Ride-hailing, East Africa, Regional Marketing Manager, Africa, Senior Head of Public Policy and Legal Director for Africa.

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