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Winnie Nwagi is the best female artist in Uganda – VJ Junior

VJ is no stranger to the crown in entertainment circles himself. In the movie translating business, he is a celebrated video jockey who might be described as the king in that field.

Starting out in 2006, VJ Junior, 31, is now the undisputed king of his craft – translating English movies into Luganda.

So, this is case of game recognising game, no doubt.

Nwagi, fondly called the Firebaby, is known for her titillating performances which are dripping with her steamy sex appeal. Many fans are often drawn to the stage just to touch the curvaceous singer.

This is obviously part of her appeal to VJ and most of her mostly adoring male fans.

However, her perfectly pitched voice is often overlooked. Yet it is souled by a sonorous power which elevates each of her songs to the realm of something different.

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Recently Nwagi nailed her colours to the mast of Swangz Avenue, stating her devotion to the record label.

The ‘Jangu’ singer said she had no plans of quitting the label.

“I am used to working with all these experienced people in different departments. They all work toward my success so I am still at Swangz. I have never thought of quitting,” she said.

Swangz Avenue is known for elevating musical unknowns into celebrities, being behind the rise of Vinka, Azawi and several other artists.

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