Home Uganda The late Mowzey Radio's hard disk is safe with me – Weasal

The late Mowzey Radio's hard disk is safe with me – Weasal

The late Mowzey Radio's hard disk is safe with me - Weasal

He stated that different artists re-doing their songs solely fills him with pleasure as a result of, it is an indication that they influenced a era of younger individuals who idolise them. On this be aware, he defined that this is the explanation why he doesn’t maintain “Seen Don” singer Ronald Alimpa in contempt. It is alleged that Alimpa made the viral track off the Duo’s “African Weather“.

This declare precipitated a stir among the many track lovers and the Weasal and Radio fan camp, the place the Duo’s followers referred to as upon Weasal to sue Ronald. However, Weasal simply thanked the followers for his or her loyalty however stated to go away the upcoming artist to make a reputation for himself.

The musician, who is plans of officiating his relationship with Rwanda’s Sandra Teta, additionally addressed critics who hang-out him with calls for of releasing new music and holding a live performance.

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He stated he has little interest in releasing new songs or organising a live performance.

Weasal additional defined that he is simply having fun with his life whereas his outdated music, with the Late, is nonetheless brings him cash.

No one should force or put me under pressure to release new music or singles very soon as I also don’t force them to produce bananas and ask them to send me. I love matooke so much. I am still enjoying my life alone and I don’t want to sing. Let everybody stay in their own lane. Please and please, don’t put me under pressure to release new music” he stated

He as an alternative requested the critics to go and assist at the moment energetic artists who’ve introduced concert events.