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Spice Diana open to music battle with Queen Karma Sheebah

Spice Diana open to music battle with Queen Karma Sheebah

Well, I would accept any musical battle with Sheebah. As long as it comes in good spirit. I have no problem with it. I have been in the industry for a long time and I have seen almost all female musicians in Uganda. I would battle any of them if the battle came in good faith,” She mentioned.

During the interview she talked in regards to the expertise of seeing her tune on a billboard in New York on the Times Square.

I felt so happy and excited because this is my greatest achievement this year. Last year, a big distribution company called Prime Music Partners contacted me and we started working together. It fronted me to other charts like “The Face Of Afrobeat.

Speaking of battles, the “Kwata Wano” singer urged fellow celebrities to spend money on safety to accompany them in public and defend them from unwelcome advances.

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This was in response to Sheebah Karungi’s current sexual harassment incident whereas she was ready in her automotive at a non-public occasion. Spice mentioned that whereas individuals take a look at her entourage of bodyguards as a luxurious, it’s a necessity for her safety.

For every gig I get, I move with my whole team. How can you even try to take advantage of me when I’m with a team of more than nine people,” she defined.

It will not be frequent for native artists to have skilled safety on their workforce besides their pals and enterprise associates. Spice had urged artists to spend money on skilled safety to counter the rising permissiveness amongst followers and occasion organisers in direction of them.