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Kenzo throws microphone at a fan after fan pours booze on him

In September 2014, Kenzo beat the crap out of then Dembe FM presenter, Isaac Katende a.k.a Kasuku a.k.a Kuku Wazabanga during a press conference at Centenary Park for bad mouthing him.

Although this beatdown did nothing to stop Kasuku from going after Kenzo again with a barrage of verbal assaults.

Kasuku discredited the Big Talent Music Group Chief Executive Officer by claiming he was gifted “Semyekozo” song by producer Ronnie.

Kasuku said that producer Ronnie did all the legwork by writing and producing the song, the vocals too and later spoon fed it to Kenzo.

“Yes Producer Ronnie should be credited for the ‘Ssemyekozo’ song. He wrote it, did vocals and produced it, then sold it to Musuuza,” Kasuku said.

However, Kenzo has dismissed Kasuku’s claims, insisting ‘Semyekozo’ is his project. He added that Ronnie just helped in producing it.

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Thank you for support Kasuku my brother but I wrote the song. I appreciate my brother Ronnie for helping me out,” Kenzo said.

The fact that Kenzo did not deter Kasuku by beating him into a version of what Kasuku would quickly like to forget is a sign that violence does not reap the kind of dividends Kenzo is looking for. It could be time for the great artist Kenzo to hang up his spurs as a street brawler.

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