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God is taking Ugandans to a better country – Prophet William Ssozi

This is the third time his has left the general public elevating eyebrows together with his shocking spiritual encounters. It is a surprise what Jacob informed his buddies after he wrestled with an Angel that gave him the title ‘Israel’.

In a collection of revelations about his religious encounters, the Prophet has allegedly met with Jesus and brought selfies with Him, as narrated by a member of his congregation.

I proceeded to ask him about his interactions with Jesus and he went on to reveal to me that he has been to heaven and taken pictures with Jesus and that he is waiting for the appropriate time for when he will release them for all of us to see. When I asked him how exactly he took the photos, he said that a divine camera was used.” mentioned a member in testimony.

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There is a season for all the things, and the season of seeing has made method for the season of believing.

Sooner than the Christ, Ssozi made it again to his church the place revealed one other religious journey. This time he had encountered the satan Himself and put him in a coma. Could armageddon have handed by within the quiet of the Prophet’s braveness?

In the narration, he claims to have met Satan’s bodyguard who, like ‘The Hitman’s Body Guard, made no sense and was promptly vanquished.

It was this final Tuesday that I used to be then taken to the underworld the place I first met the satan’s bodyguard whom I defeated after which afterwards went on to the place Satan himself was sitting. The satan was so frightened of me due to the facility God put in me. I additional went on to destroy robust holds of the satan and his temple earlier than leaving Satan severely injured,” he mentioned

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He all the time has a customized bracelet round his wrist and when requested about it, he informed folks to learn 2 Chronicles 20:20.

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