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Give back Ugandans control over natural resources – Kabuleta to government

During a press address in Kampala, Kabuleta mentioned that the leaders still have wrinkles to iron out in administration before nationals can become economically empowered. Especially from past mistakes that have contributed to what he deems as ‘systemic crippling’ of the country.

When Museveni took over in 1986, he discovered that the backbone of Obote’s economy was cooperative societies, very functional, some even sponsored his bush war. He then decided to kill them to retain the number of peasants at 70%,” Kabuleta said.

According to him, citizens have lost control of major country exports like coffee, saying that while there has been an increment in earnings from exports over the past 30 years, it is foreigners who are reaping the benefits.

By 1986 when Museveni came into power, Uganda was exporting over $194 million worth of coffee every year with so many local people benefiting from this, yet now we make over $700 million but with seven out of ten companies that export coffee being owned by foreigners,” he added.

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He noted that Ugandan nationals are struggling to feed themselves and afford basic necessities which, to him, is the highest mark of poverty. The solution, in his opinion, is for government to halt food importation and boost local production.

Uganda exports close to £200M of fish to the EU every year, but who are the beneficiaries of this fish? Not local Ugandans. Before China came and took over our fish due to bad leadership, we were number five exporter of fresh fish [in Africa] to the EU,” he claimed.

He said that the biggest resources and sources of income in the central region, rural Buganda, are the lakes.

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