Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod Apk 11.7 [Unlimited money]

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]

100% working

Update on: 2023-10-12

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod is a modified version of Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS developed by Hothead Games.
The difference between mod version and original version is: Bullet use will not decrease.[Note] This game requires a USE… You can download latest mod version or original version of Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS 11.7 with HappyMod.
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App name Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]
Version 11.7
Update on 2023-10-12
Size 126.05 MB
Mod info Bullet use will not decrease.[Note] This game requires a USE VPN to enter.
Developer Hothead Games
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Category Action
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Download original apk Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS (124.37 MB)
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Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]

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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]

Video Verified

Bullet use will not decrease.
[Note] This game requires a USE VPN to enter.

Mod of recommend

Mod of latest version

# 100% working video verified!

Screen capture video of Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod. 100% working!

# Start the war with a heavy weapons arsenal.

Kill Shot Bravo’s missions take place in various terrains and require a wide variety of tasks. Players can choose which gun they prefer for each one thanks to this list. Some of the listed guns are ideal for fast paced off road pursuits or close-range battles against an enemy. Others are ideal for light and compact tasks such as running or hiking. When performing missions that require the use of buildings and fighters, you should consider using bombs and mines. Additionally, you can use sniper rifles and sniper rifles for any missions that need support from these items. When carrying a weapon, the player’s gun skill determines the degree of their elevation. High-damage guns render victory easy to achieve compared to weapons with minimal damage. As such, players always upgrade their weapons when carrying them in the inventory. Diversify your options by including life-saving functions thanks to the armor, energy drinks and armor with features such as eyes that can determine any location. Unite yourself with the battle and defeat your opponent by choosing a first-person perspective that’s extremely realistic.

# A new quest has just arrived in the mailbox.

Kill Shot Bravo will place tasks in the player’s inbox. You can choose one quest from over 4000 to start; head-to-head combat requires your involvement. Moving in close to the enemy while wielding weapons results in a fight. You can perform several missions while traveling great distances. These include shooting opponents from extreme distances, as well as operating different vehicles. Regardless of the mission, you need to use your intelligence and skills to defeat your enemies.

# The team spirit determines victory.

When performing a task requiring the involvement of friends, such as demolishing a building, Kill Shot Bravo allows participants to work together in a team. This leads to an exceptionally powerful group when multiple people interact this way. The leaderboard records the accomplishments of each team through their score. For each victory, a chat box appears on the interface that facilitates quick and easy communication between players while the game is underway.

# Become a professional shooter to complete the mission.

The Kill Shot Bravo system includes a lot of technical improvements and new content creation methods. Many of these improvements involve the scenery and graphics seen in the game. The most difficult missions like aiming from above or confronting someone directly won’t intimidate players— they’ll find creative ways to overcome them. Make sure to listen to comments when releasing an update so that any bugs can be fixed in time. As a professional shooter, attracting the attention of your battles further ahead is ideal. A conspiracy against you as an oppressor de-escalates the conflict so that your allies can emerge victorious.

# Key features of this product include: a long shelf life, low manufacturing costs and ease of use.

With enough fervor and bloodshed, the content drives players to intense confrontations. You can choose whose battle you participate in and complete missions that help you win. The system adds new daily missions that improve reflexes and game experience. These notifications appear in inboxes regularly. As part of a special squad, complete the mission assigned to you by your gunman employer. Doing so grants you a new achievement. Every weapon available on the menu can be used in a fight. New weapons are unlocked with additional upgrades. Additional missions or activities for a large organization allow you to earn more than one bonus chest. As a professional marksman, you can earn additional chests by completing additional missions or activities.

# It excels compared to the competition in terms of its graphics and play style.

Kill shot Bravo’s intended experience surpasses other games. Its fast pace, challenging obstacles and rapid responses make this game unlike any other. You won’t experience the same level of difficulty in shooting another game because you’ve already played many before. New military equipment and combat machine guns are essential in a fight. This gear comes from the latest military world and provides many uses with great flexibility. Players must learn how to use this gear and update it frequently to be able to use it fluently.

# The primary goal of the heroic figures is to save the planet.

The army appears in the game “Kill Shot Bravo” as the heroes. The struggle isn’t moot— it’s a fight to keep peace. You first need to confront the terrorist army when joining the army. Terrorists are fierce and armed, and they pose a huge threat to people around the world. They’re violent conspiracies that threaten people with their weapons. To fight them, you need to know where and when they’re planning to attack. Then, you can fly to their location in a helicopter and join the battle. Performing an action requires careful consideration of your safety and that of your team. Additionally, you must face much more difficult challenges such as fighting enemies or defending the Innocent from evil armies. Conflict between people will persist until the world no longer has evil in it.

# More than 2400 different missions were created with the intention of succeeding.

The game allows players to complete numerous missions that are completely unique from one another. Rather than being separated, players are combined into a singular mission. These include killing monsters, rescuing hostages and confronting many opposing forces. Each new release provides added incentive for those dedicated to the game by refreshing the previously played missions. Additionally, new patches excite those drawn to their content by adding more missions to satisfy their fans.

# Defeat evil by exploring the world.

You need to enter a specific time period to fight in scenes like swamps or snow mountains. Alternatively, you can fight in forests or other places with high altitudes.ferent terrains. Players who start a battle must study everything thoroughly. Because, without preparation, it is impossible to win.

# Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money] Features:


Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod is a popular shooting game that offers an immersive experience for players who enjoy the thrill of sniper missions. This review will delve into the game’s features, gameplay mechanics, graphics, and overall experience. Furthermore, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of the “unlimited bullets” modification and its impact on the gameplay.

Gameplay and Features:

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod allows players to step into the shoes of an elite sniper and embark on various missions around the world, eliminating targets with precision and accuracy. The game offers a range of weapons, customized loadouts, and gear upgrades, creating a sense of progression and satisfaction. In addition, the game features a diverse range of mission types, including rescue operations, infiltrations, and assassinations, ensuring a varied and engaging gameplay experience.

Graphics and Visuals:

Visually, Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod impresses with its high-quality 3D graphics and detailed environments. The game features realistic scenery, dynamic weather effects, and well-designed character models. The attention to detail adds to the game’s immersion, enabling players to feel like true snipers in the field.

Unlimited Bullets Modification:

The “unlimited bullets” modification in Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod is aimed at providing a more relaxed and casual experience for players. With unlimited ammunition, players can focus more on honing their shooting skills without the concern of ammunition depletion. It certainly appeals to players who may find limited ammo frustrating or those seeking a more casual approach to the game. However, it is important to note that this modification may reduce the challenge and strategic aspect of the game, as players can repeatedly fire without the need to conserve bullets or carefully plan shots.

Overall Experience:

Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod delivers an adrenaline-pumping and immersive gaming experience, catering to the desires of sniper game enthusiasts. The game’s extensive range of missions and customizable loadouts ensures hours of engaging gameplay. The added “unlimited bullets” modification may attract a broader audience, including those who enjoy a more relaxed and casual gameplay experience. Nevertheless, for players seeking a higher level of challenge and strategic gameplay, utilizing the mod may diminish the sense of accomplishment derived from achieving difficult shots and completing missions within limited ammunition constraints.


Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod is an enjoyable shooting game that provides an excellent sniper experience with its impressive graphics, diverse missions, and customizable loadouts. The “unlimited bullets” modification offers a more relaxed and casual gameplay approach, suitable for players seeking a stress-free shooting experience. However, some players may find that this modification detracts from the game’s challenge and strategic aspects. Ultimately, the decision to use the mod depends on individual preferences and desired gameplay experience.

Welcome to the #1 FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets!
Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!*OVER 500 MISSIONS*
Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigate secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of a peaceful world.• From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world in search of terror threats.
• Commandeer vehicles to turn the tide of battle! Navigate close quarter combat down narrow alleys in the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air in hazardous helicopter missions!
• Complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and clear them of any threat! Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assault missions and outshoot your opponent.
• Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot! Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate enemy threats. You are the frontline of battlefield defense against the most dangerous threats to world security! *ENEMIES*
• Encounter different enemy types each with their own strengths and combat objectives.
• Seek out and neutralize Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.*LIVE PVP SNIPER DUELS*
• Test your skill against other real snipers in live ranked Player Verses Player matches in PVP mode!
• Be the hunter before you are the hunted!
• Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat.
• Find your target. Take aim. Fire!*JOIN ALLIANCES AND BOUNTY EVENTS*
• This time you won’t be fighting alone! Build powerful alliances with other players and help each other to be successful completing the high risk missions.
• Discover and kill enemies with bounties on their heads before they can escape!
• Friends can join you on missions, spotting the targets and assisting you to terminate enemies.
• Full Chat function in game to allow tactical discussions with other players.*CUSTOMIZE*
• Customize your avatar and get Perks to help in the battle!
• Unlock and equip cool Gear, including helmets, uniforms, body armor, goggles, facemasks, gloves, boots, and more.
• Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory! Now YOU get to control the Kill Shot camera as the final round zooms towards its target for the ultimate hit!*GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS*
• Compete for high scores alone or with your Alliance against opposing Alliances.
• Earn Achievements for showing off your deadly sniper skills.
• Take on weekly Quests to win additional prizes and achievements
Kill Shot is rated 17+ and contains frequent/intense realistic violence. By downloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Hothead’s Terms of Use ( and are subject to Hothead’s Privacy Policy (©2016 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead, and Kill Shot are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.

Start the war with a heavy weapons arsenal.
A new quest has just arrived in the mailbox.
The team spirit determines victory.
Become a professional shooter to complete the mission.
Key features of this product include: a long shelf life, low manufacturing costs and ease of use.
It excels compared to the competition in terms of its graphics and play style.
The primary goal of the heroic figures is to save the planet.
More than 2400 different missions were created with the intention of succeeding.
Defeat evil by exploring the world.

# How to download and install Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]?

// Option A //

To download Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS mod from
You need enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
1. Click on the above link to download Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS mod APK.
2. Save the file in your device Downloads folder.
3. Now tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing it right away.

// Option B //

To download Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS from HappyMod APP, you can follow this:
1. Open your browser and download the HappyMod APK file from – the only official website of HappyMod.
2. Open Android Settings and go into Privacy or Security.
3. Tap the option to Allow Unknown Sources and enable it.
4. Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file.
5. Follow the directions on the screen to install it.
6. Search Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS in HappyMod App.

# Full Specifications of Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS Mod APK 11.7 [Unlimited money]

// Download Information //

Size 126MB
Version 11.7
Version Code 1110700000
Lang af


// Operation Systems //

Permission WAKE_LOCK
Permission Text OTHER:
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Allows an application to read from external storage.

Min Sdk 19
Min Sdk Txt $mod_unpack_info.min_sdk_txt}}
Target Sdk 30
Target Sdk Txt 30
Multi Window No
Supports Screens small, normal, large, xlarge
CPU arm64-v8a
Open GL Int 0
Supports Any Density Yes
Densities 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535

// User Features //

Uses Feature Wi-Fi hardware features:
The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.

Uses Feature Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the device’s touchscreen capabilities for gestures that are more interactive than basic touch events, such as a fling. This is a superset of the android.hardware.faketouch feature.
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.

Uses Feature other.#The app uses 802.11 networking (Wi-Fi) features on the device.#:

// Signature //

Md5 1B8EAFB7E9EDA3176EB7B614F2176C0B
Signature AD19E3E2290382AE01020FEDBE90495E4B9D8057
Sha256 D9EA86D285C97DAB1FD2A42B7F625AB4BAE6B4BDDBC433F11035AD3E1D0A07D5
Valid From Wed Mar 30 15:22:39 CEST 2016 until: Tue Feb 20 14:22:39 CET 2153
Serial Number 15f28a3

// Developer //

Developer sign.keystore
OU sign
Organization sign
Locale sign
Country sign
City sign

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  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-10-13 12:44:55

    From:US   Device:moto e40   OS:android 11
    muy malo no lo recomiendo
  • C

    @Anonymous   2023-08-03 05:24:40

    From:CN   Device:V2220A   OS:android 12
  • G

    @Anonymous   2023-07-29 05:04:13

    From:GB   Device:SM-S911B   OS:android 13
    not working, just like most mods on here
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-05-31 20:36:50

    From:US   Device:CPH2185   OS:android 10
    ტრუსები არ აქვთ ბლიად რაარისეს ტო
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-05-25 19:47:34

    From:US   Device:KFSUWI   OS:android 5.1.1
    Hell no ! None of the games I’ve tried to download on this site worked, duck in worst POS site ever
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-03-25 03:36:30

    From:US   Device:SM-G960U1   OS:android 10
    does not work does not give me unlimited money
  • I

    @Anonymous   2023-03-15 07:35:26

    From:ID   Device:V2027   OS:android 12
    **** you #HappyMod# You Mod is Fake all.
  • E

    @Anonymous   2023-01-31 01:20:39

    From:EG   Device:220233L2G   OS:android 11
  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-01-14 03:44:46

    From:US   Device:TECNO CE8   OS:android 10
    Why can’t I enter the game. what is the id number to input? Even after using Google Translator I can’t still access the game
  • D

    @Anonymous   2022-12-28 07:02:15

    From:DE   Device:SNE-LX1   OS:android 10
    Wtf is that why is it like ching banking bameninghong le bingcheling ?!
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  • U

    @Anonymous   2023-02-17 09:22:28

    From:US   Device:samsung SM-A536U   OS:android 12
    I would really like if we could get an infinite money hack so we could get what we want
  • C

    @Anonymous   2022-06-20 08:00:30

    From:CA   Device:samsung SM-G973W   OS:android 11
    plz add inf money and gold plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • C

    @Anonymous   2022-05-24 04:57:43

    From:CO   Device:HUAWEI ANE-LX3   OS:android 9
    Actualisenlo por favor dinero infinito y oro infinito y energía infinita
  • B

    @Anonymous   2021-11-30 16:14:42

    From:BR   Device:samsung SM-A025U   OS:android 11
    vida infita dinheiro infinito e gemas infinitas
  • 4

    @Anonymous   2021-11-11 05:20:50

    From:419   Device:Amazon KFTRWI   OS:android 9
    Moda de dinero oro y medsllas no encuentro ningún mods sobre eso sólo encuentro mods de balas ilimitadas o de cheques de red pero ninguno de plata
  • E

    @Anonymous   2021-10-27 16:09:16

    From:ES   Device:HUAWEI STK-LX3   OS:android 10
    Éste juego esta muy bueno la verdad lo recomiendo mucho te entretienes mucho me gustaría mucho que me lo pudieran enviar se los agradecería mucho.
  • I

    @Anonymous   2021-08-30 20:28:02

    From:ID   Device:samsung SM-A015F   OS:android 10
    Found a wonderful mods for Kill Shot Bravo from @HappyMod
  • U

    @Anonymous   2021-08-19 11:58:28

    From:US   Device:OPPO CPH2061   OS:android 11
    Please upload a Kill shot bravo mod with unlimited money for the latest version of the game. I really want to buy all the weapons and armour in the game, please.
  • 4

    @Anonymous   2021-07-12 08:27:07

    From:419   Device:Amazon KFMUWI   OS:android 9
    Monedas infinitas y munición infinita armas nucleares
  • G

    @Anonymous   2021-06-29 17:15:42

    From:GB   Device:HUAWEI INE-LX2   OS:android 9
    Unlimited money
    Unlimited gold
    Unlimited energy
    Weapon upgrades
    Vip pass
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